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In this lesson, you will learn about the phrasal verb ‘come around’ and how to use it in your conversations.


Roger: The phrase ‘come around’ means to visit someone. My aunt came around last Christmas!

Tracy: Christmas brings the family together, that’s for sure. But the phrase ‘come around’ has some different meanings, doesn’t it?

Roger: It does. Let’s discuss them.

Tracy: Right! To ‘come around’ means to change one's decision or opinion on something.

Roger: Yeah, especially to agree with something that you disagreed with before. The manager came around and increased my salary after I threatened to resign.

Tracy: That means the manager changed his decision and gave you a raise.

Roger: You got it! To ‘come around’ also means to become conscious again after someone has fainted. It means to recover or to revive from being unconscious.

Tracy: I’ve got a good example for this. Martha fainted after running the marathon but she came around 10 minutes later.

Roger: Good example.

Tracy: Okay, here’s another use for ‘come around’. If a letter or a message comes around, it means several people got it.

Roger: Yeah, like the invitations that come around for the mass ceremony from church!

Tracy : Wow! There are many uses of ‘come around’. It is a hard-working phrase! Let’s listen to some examples now.

Pleasant Rainy Days.

Sharon: The rainy season has come around again.

Paula: Yeah, I like it though.

Sharon: Why don’t you come around my place this evening? We can make some hot corn soup.

Paula: Okay, that’s a great plan. See you there.

Moving to Kentucky.

Paula: How’s Drake these days? Did he come around and agree to settling in Kentucky?

Sharon: We haven’t been speaking much.

Paula : Why not? He’s been your boyfriend for so long! Don’t let an argument destroy your relationship.

Sharon : Well, he doesn’t want to move to Kentucky and get a new job. I feel I’m stuck here. And I’m tired of pleading.

Paula : He’s just insecure. Don’t worry, he’ll come around.

Crazy Diet, Silly Girl.

Sharon: Gosh! I am so upset.

Drake: What happened, Sharon?

Sharon: Samantha fainted in class today.

Drake: Really? Was it something serious?

Sharon: Apparently not. She came around after a few seconds. But the doctor said she fainted because she hasn’t been eating.

Drake: Why not?

Sharon: It seems she’s going on some crazy diet!

Drake: Silly girl!

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