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This lesson will help you learn how to use ‘Is’, ‘Are’ and ‘Am’ correctly.


Sarah: Hello everyone, today’s lesson is going to be about using ‘Is’, ‘Are’ and ‘Am’ properly.

Monica: I always confuse ‘Is’ with ‘Am’ and my friends make fun of me.

Sarah: Don’t worry, Monica. You will soon impress your friends. Does anyone already know how to use ‘Is’ , ‘Am’ and ‘Are’?

Ken: ‘Is’ is mainly used in present tense form when we talk about doing some action. It is a form of the verb ‘To be’. It is also used when we are talking about someone else in third person, addressing them as as ‘He’ or ‘She’. For example ‘He is walking.’ or ‘She is cooking’.

Sarah: That is correct, Ken. Do you know how to use ‘Am’?

Ken: Yes. I use it when I talk about myself. For example, ‘I am learning English’.

Sarah: Good job, Ken. ‘Am’ is used when a person talks about himself. Now, I am going to tell you how to use ‘Are’.

Monica: May I explain how to use ‘Are’?

Sarah: Sure Monica. Go ahead.

Monica: ‘Are’ is used when we are talking about plural forms.

Sarah: That is correct. But ‘Are’ is also used when we are addressing a person directly using ‘You’.

Monica: You are a good teacher!

Sarah: Thanks Monica. You used ‘Are’ correctly while addressing me.

Ken: Here’s another example: “My friends are planning a picnic for this Saturday”.

Sarah: That’s right,Ken. You used ‘Are’ because many of your friends are planning the picnic. If it was just one friend, you’d use ‘Is’ and say ‘My friend is planning a picnic for this Saturday’. Let’s listen to some conversations now.

Becoming Friends.

Danny: Hi, I am Danny Johnson.

Michael: Hello Danny. I am Michael Parker.

Danny: Are you here to attend the interview for the personal assistant position?

Michael: No, I am here to attend the interview for the sales executive position.

Danny: Great, so we are not competing for the job.

Are You Job Hunting?

Mark: John, I heard you are looking for a different job.

John: Yes, that’s right.

Mark: What is wrong with your current job?

John: I feel it is becoming too boring. I want to do something I am passionate about.

Mark: What kind of job are you interested in?

John: I am looking for jobs in advertising.

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