Use of 'Do', 'Does' and 'Did' - Common Grammar Mistakes in English

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In this lesson, we will see how to use ‘Do’, ‘Does’ and ‘Did’ correctly.


Rachel : Hello Emma. Today, we will discuss how to use ‘Do’, ‘Does’ and ‘Did’.

Emma : Okay, so where do we start?

Rachel: There! You have already started it by using ‘do’ in your question. By the way, do you know if Mary is coming for today’s class? Notice the usage of ‘do’ in my question. ‘Do’ is used to ask questions about the present or future actions.

Emma: Oh, I see. I do not think Mary will be coming to today’s class. She is held up with some work. Anyway, I heard my friend saying ‘I do go to work every day’. Did she use it correctly?

Rachel: Definitely, ‘Do’ is used by people when they want to emphasize something. Also, you used ‘do not’ to create a negative sentence and ‘did’ in your question. Very good! But why did you use ‘did’ in your question? Can you tell me?

Emma: Yes, I am talking about something that happened yesterday. That means I have to use the past tense of ‘Do’ which is ‘Did’.

Rachel: Well explained. ‘Did’ is the past tense of ‘Do’ and we will use it when we need to address actions that are completed. For example, if you are asking a question about a meeting that has already happened, you have to ask “Did the meeting go well?”

Emma: Well, Rachel...I do understand how to use the present and past tense forms of ‘Do’. Did you see that? I have used it in my answer! But what about ‘Does’? We still haven’t discussed ‘Does’.

Rachel: Don’t you have any questions?

Rachel: You have correctly used ‘Do’ and ‘Did’ in your reply. ‘Does’ is easy to use, too. It’s like ‘Do’, but you use it for a third person. When you are talking about someone else. For example: ‘Does Mary know she is missing an important lesson today?’

Emma: I don’t think so. I will tell her to watch it later on.

Rachel: Let’s listen to some conversations now.

Where Is My Shirt?

Mark: Hey Laura! Do you know where my red shirt is?

Laura: Yes Mark, It’s in the dirty clothes basket. I did some laundry yesterday. But your shirt is still to be washed.

Mark: Honey, you could have asked me before you did so. I was planning to wear it today.

Laura: You do realize you have other clean shirts you can wear, right? Why do you want to wear the dirty one?

Mark: That is my favourite shirt. Anyways, I will look for something else to wear today.

Do You Know How to Cook?

Mark: Hey Laura, how do I know if the vegetables are cooked?

Laura: You are such a newbie. Stick a fork in it and you will know.

Mark: Thanks, you are the master cook!

Laura: Hey, did you pick up the chocolate pies from the bakery?

Mark: Oh my God, I did not. I totally forgot about them.

Laura: You never listen to me. Now, I have to drive all the way to the bakers.

Mark: Laura, you do know that I listen to you. I don’t forget things that often!

A Night Out.

Mark: Hi Laura. Does mom know that we will be late today?

Laura: Yes Mark. I told her about our movie plans.

Mark: Okay. Does she know that we will be eating out?

Laura: Oops, I forgot to tell her that. She does the cooking early.

Mark: Hurry up and call her.

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