What is a Verb - Basic English Grammar Tutorial

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This lesson will help you learn what a verb is and how to identify it properly.


Tim: Hello everyone. In today’s lesson we will discuss verbs and how to identify them.

Ken: If I am correct, a verb is the word that shows action in a sentence.

Tim: That’s great, Ken! You have described a verb correctly. In my sentence, ‘Described’ is the main verb.

Ken: Verbs are also used to indicate a state of being or existence. Can you give an example for that?

Tim: Why not? My name is Timothy Simons. Here, ‘Is’ is the verb which denotes my existence and who I am.

Ken: You gave us a wonderful example, Tim! I am confused about what to give my son for his birthday.

Tim: I gave you an example. ‘Gave’ is a verb. You are ‘confused’. Confused is a verb. You want to ‘give’ something to your son. ‘Give’ is a verb. Now tell me. What does your son like to do?

Ken: He loves painting with watercolors.

Tim: He ‘loves’ thus ‘loves’ is a verb. Great example, Ken. Why don’t you give him a set of watercolors?

Ken: Hmm... ‘Give’ him a set of watercolors? In this sentence ‘give’ shows the action, so it is the verb, isn’t it?

Tim: That’s right, Ken! Now you’ve understood the basic principle of verbs, and yes, the action is of understanding, so ‘understood’ is the verb in my sentence.

Ken: Great! Now let’s see some conversations with more examples of verbs!

Bad News.

Hannah: Daisy, did you check the morning newspaper?

Daisy: No. What happened?

Hannah: There has been a horrible plane crash.

Daisy: That’s too bad! Did everyone get out safe?

Hannah: I hope so, the recovery squad is still working hard.

Daisy: Okay, let’s switch on the news channel and stay updated.

Down with Fever.

Daisy: Pete, where is Nancy?

Pete: She is ill. She can’t come to work today.

Daisy: Oh! What happened?

Pete: She has a fever and a headache.

Daisy: Okay, did you tell her to rest and drink plenty of fluids?

Pete: I did. If her temperature does not drop by the evening, I’ll be taking her to the doctor.

Daisy: That is a wise decision. Take care of her.

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