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Let’s learn how to use the phrasal verb ‘look for’ in our conversations.


Ben: We will talk about the phrasal verb ‘look for’ today.

Iris: That’s great, Ben. To look for means to search. I was looking for my glasses this morning.

Ben: You are right. “Look for” means trying to locate something. For example: Columbus discovered America while looking for India.

Iris: Got it. Another meaning of look for is to want something. If you are looking for a change, you need to work towards it!

Ben: Correct. This is similar to search for something, but you can also use it to mean desire.

Iris: ‘Look for’ is a really simple phrasal verb, isn’t it?

Ben : It is! And now I am looking for some sample conversations.

Iris : Here they are.

Kate’s Kitty.

Milla: What are you doing Kate?

Kate: I’m looking for my cat.

Milla: Oh! It was around here just a minute ago.

Kate: There she is! What is she looking for in the lawn?

How Is Aunt Merry?

Kate: How is aunt Merry?

Milla: She’s better, but she’s looking for a new doctor.

Kate: Why?

Milla: Well, her doctor says she needs surgery and she doesn’t want one.

Gifts from Mom.

Milla: Look Kate! Mom sent you such a beautiful ring!

Kate: Wow, that’s so beautiful!

Milla: Yes, it is!

Kate: This is exactly what I was looking for!

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