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In this lesson we will learn expressions that we can use while talking about breakfast.

What Do You Want for Breakfast?

Josh: What’s cooking for breakfast today?

Dina: I haven't decided yet. Would you like to eat something special?

Josh: Well, I was thinking we should try something other than eggs.

Dina: How about pancakes?

Josh: Hey! That’s not a bad idea. It’s been a long time since you made pancakes.

Dina: Alright. It’s going to be yummy pancakes for breakfast today.

Nutritious Breakfast.

Allie : Tim! You’re drinking a soda for breakfast?

Tim : Soda and fries. My favorite.

Allie : Come on! Don’t you know this is a very bad way to start your day?

Tim : Why is it bad?

Allie : Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It’s very important to eat nutritious things for breakfast.

Tim : What should I eat for breakfast?

Allie : If you can’t cook anything, then have cereals and milk.

Tim : Alright Allie. Would you care to join me for breakfast?

Let's Go out for Breakfast.

Allie: What a pleasant Sunday morning this is!

Henry: It is indeed! I was just about to make some breakfast. What would you like to have?

Allie : Let’s go out for breakfast today. What do you say?

Henry: Go out? We could do that. Where?

Allie : Let’s go to Uncle Tom’s Cafe. He has chairs laid out in the open. It’ll be fun!

Henry : Great idea, Allie. Let’s go!

Breakfast in Bed.

Josh: Good morning. Look what I got for you!

Danielle : Wow! Did you make it yourself?

Josh: Yes. I hope you like it.

Danielle : Is there anything special today that I may be missing?

Josh: No. Nothing. I just wanted to surprise you.

Danielle : Breakfast in bed and a loving husband. I am so lucky!

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