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In this lesson you will learn how to leave a voice message on the phone.

Leaving a Message to a Friend.

Machine: The person you are calling is unavailable at this moment. You may leave a voice message after the beep.

Machine: Please leave the voice message now.

Ester (Please hold a phone): Hi there, Lynn! This is Ester. I’ve been calling you for over an hour. We have left already. Just take a taxi to Havana Road and call me when you reach Jim’s Tavern, Okay? We are waiting for you, babe! Bye!

A Message from the Office.

Machine: The subscriber is unavailable at this moment. Please leave a message.

James (Please hold a phone): Hey Justin. James here. What’s the matter? You haven’t showed up at the office over the last three days. There’s some good news for you! You’ve been selected for the internship at Geneva! Call me back as soon as possible!

A Message on the Answering Machine.

Machine: The subscriber you are calling is unavailable to receive your call. You may leave a message after the beep.

Irene: Honey, you know I really hate when you don’t pick up my call. Are you still sleeping? I have an important meeting today at the office. Please bring Kate home from the music class today. You can pick her up at 4:00pm. Don’t forget, and please don’t be late. Bye!

Please, Call us Back.

Machine: Please leave a voicemail for the subscriber after dialing *9.

James: Hello Mr. Harper. This is James Collins, calling from Richmond Corp. Your application has been selected for further evaluation. Please be in our office on Park Street at 9A.M. on Monday, 23rd. Please call me back at 789 564 7687 for confirmation of the interview as soon as you get this message. Thank you. Have a good day.

Asking When Dad Will Be Back.

Machine: To inquire about voicemail, press 3.

Machine: If you are a T-mobile customer press *122 for sending voice mail. Charges on national calls are 8 cents per minute and 14 cents per minute on international calls. If you are using another provider please press *123 for sending voice mail. Charges per minute on national calls are 12 cents and 20 cents per minute on international calls.

Machine: Thank you! Please send your voicemail now.

Ester: Hello, dad. Are you still busy at the meeting? We are all waiting for you to cut my birthday cake. Uncle Jim has already arrived. Call back as soon as possible. Love you!

When Will You Be Back?

Machine: Please leave a message.

Peter: Martha, I know you are probably listening to me. Listen dear. I am so sorry for what happened yesterday. I promise I will never drink again for the rest of my life. I couldn’t even go to the office today. Will you please forgive me this time? If you want to stay some days at your mother’s, it’s Okay. Just let me know when you want to come back and I’ll pick you up.

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