'Has to' and 'Have to' - Common Mistakes in English - How to Improve Your English Skills

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In this lesson you will learn how to use ‘has to’ and ‘have to’ in your conversations.


Max: When we say ‘have to’ or ‘has to’, it means something must be done.

Nina: It's almost the same as ‘must’. I have to go to the store today, because I must buy some groceries for my mother.

Max: Your little brother has to go along with you, because you can't leave him alone.

Nina: But it can also be used to express certainty. The answer to that question has to be C, because A and B are definitely wrong.

Max: Right! The teacher has to give you an A; your design was the best!

Nina: Now we have to look at some more examples of ‘have to’ and ‘has to’.

John Needs a Passport.

Anne: Aren't you traveling to Canada next month?

John: Yes, but I still don't have a passport. I have to get my passport first.

Anne: What happens if you don't get your passport in time?

John: I won't be able to travel without it. Everyone has to have a passport to travel abroad.

Anne: I hope you get it soon. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

John: It's already been 3 weeks since I applied. I just have to get it this week!

Andrew's Car.

Kim: I saw you came to work by bus this morning.

Andrew: Yeah! There’s something wrong with my car. I have to take it to be fixed.

Kim: Will you take it this weekend?

Andrew: I can’t. I have to save some extra money first. These things are never cheap.

Kim: Yes, cars are a money pit. That's why I still have to ride a bike every day. I can't afford a car yet.

Swimming Lessons.

Max: I saw you at the club this morning. I’d never seen you there before.

Nina: I have to learn how to swim! That’s why I went there.

Max: Oh! I learnt swimming when I was a kid. I’m sure you’ll learn fast.

Nina: I’ll take lessons 3 times a week so I applied for a swim pass. I have to pick it up later today.

Max: My pass expires soon. I have to renew it next month.

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