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In this lesson you will learn about adjectives and how to use them in your conversations.


Max: Adjectives are used to describe nouns. They are used to qualify a thing or person, or any noun whatsoever.

Nina: In the phrase “the smart teacher,” smart is an adjective.

Max: Right. The lazy students annoyed the strict teacher. Lazy and strict are the adjectives.

Nina: We can use more than one adjective with the same noun: the square blue box, or the tall handsome man, for example.

Max: Even more than two, if necessary: the beautiful big plastic box.

Nina: We can also use one adjective to describe two nouns: the old farms and houses. “Old” is the adjective that describes the farms and the houses.

Max: Good. So let's look at some conversations for contextualized examples.

David's Lost Notebook.

David: I’ve lost my blue notebook. Can you help me find it?

Anne: What? You are holding a big blue notebook, aren’t you?

David: Not this one, silly. I need the small one with torn pages.

Anne: Where did you last see it?

David: It was on my old desk and now I can't find it. I'm confused.

Anne: You mean the blue desk? Your torn blue notebook is sitting right there on your old blue desk.

David: Ah, it's camouflaged! Right in front of my eyes!

John's New Bike.

Shelly: Hey you! I saw you riding a brand new bike today.

John: Yep. I wanted a fast bike which was also a practical one. That one is a fast and practical bike.

Shelly: Just be careful. There are so many bad drivers in this city.

John: Don't worry. I'll be careful. Accidents are bad.

Shelly: You wouldn’t want a broken bike.

John: Of course not. But more than the bike, I am worried about my own safety.

Shelly: You’re a responsible guy.

The Mean Old Lady.

Ben: Have you seen the old librarian at the city library?

Karen: You mean the one who wears a green shawl?

Ben: She's a mean old lady. She told us all to be quiet.

Karen: I bet you guys were speaking loud.

Ben: Not really.

Karen: I know that lady. She’s very nice. She wouldn’t do that for no reason.

Ben : How do you know her?

Karen : Because she’s my grandmother!

Ben: Oops, I really like her too! She is a nice sweet old lady!

Karen: Nice try!

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