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In this lesson you will learn how to talk about endangered animals.

Endangered Siberian Tigers.

Jack: Amelie, is the tiger skin in your house real?

Amelie: Yeah, that’s real. My granny says it’s the skin of a Siberian tiger.

Jack: Oh! The Siberian tigers are the largest living felids! Unfortunately there are only a few hundred alive now.

Amelie: I know. My great-grandfather was a hunter and he hunted it. I really wish he hadn’t.

Jack: Well, it’s not your fault. I’m sure you don’t like to hurt animals.

Amelie: No Jack, I don’t. I love animals. I’m an animal rights activist in fact.

Jack: Why do you still keep that skin in your house?

Amelie : I can’t help it. My parents think it’s a souvenir from their ancestor.


Amelie: I’ve never seen a real rhino. They look like dinosaurs, right?

Jack: No Amelie! Rhinos are mammals, dinosaurs were reptiles. Rhinos look like Rhinos.

Amelie: Oh, I am sorry. I haven’t seen a dinosaur either.

Jack: That’s because dinosaurs are extinct.

Amelie: But we still have Rhinos around, don’t we?

Jack: Yes, but very few. If it continues like that, they will become extinct too.

Amelie: What’s happening to them?

Jack: People are cutting down the jungles, and hunting them for their horns. It’s a shame.

Amelie : (sigh) It’s terrible. When will human beings learn to be human?

The Largest Mammal.

Nina: The blue whale is the largest creature on Earth.

Vincent: A blue whale is an incredibly large mammal! Its tongue is as heavy as an elephant!

Nina: Wow! My granny used to say that we could even live inside its stomach.

Vincent: Not really, Nina. That happens only in tales.

Nina: Maybe. Well, I’ve heard that blue whales are dying.

Vincent : Actually they are being murdered.

Nina : Murdered? By whom?

Vincent : By greedy and cruel people who hunt them for their meat.

Nina : That’s awful.

What Can I Do?

Nina: I’ve been thinking, Amelie.

Amelie : About what Nina?

Nina : How can I help stop animal cruelty?

Amelie : Well, we are not the government, but there are some things we can do to make a difference.

Nina : Like?

Amelie : I don’t wear leather jackets or shoes. Nor do I wear fur. I use synthetic alternatives.

Nina : That’s a great idea! I will do that too. Is there anything else?

Amelie : Well, I talk to my friends and the people I know about these issues. Just helping to spread the awareness.

Nina : I know. You made me aware of the way we treat animals.

Amelie : If you can minimize your own impact on the lives of the animals, and also ask your friends to do it, you’ll be making a great difference, Nina.

Nina : Thanks, Amelie. I will remember that.

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