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In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when ordering things online.

Talking about online deal

Suzy: Hey, where did you buy this dress from?

Lizzie: I ordered it from spendyourmoney.com.

Suzy: Didn’t you found it expensive there?

Lizzie: No, not at all. It has some great deals! I got crazy discounts!

Suzy: How much did this cost you?

Lizzie: Well, I got a 45% discount on the retail price!

Suzy: Wow that’s great. I will look at it today.

Enquiring about delivery

Lizzie: Hello, is it buyawatch.com?

Assistant: Yes, how can I help you?

Lizzie: I ordered a couple of ladies watches and they were supposed to be delivered till 19th of this month but I haven’t received the order.

Assistant: May I know your order number please?

Lizzie: Yes sure, it’s AK129984

Assistant: Alright. I can see that the order is scheduled for delivery today.

Lizzie: Hmm... I was hoping for an early delivery.

Assistant: I am sorry sir. We didn’t have any inventory of that particular model, but you will certainly get your watches today.

Lizzie : Okay. Thank you.

Paying through credit card

Assistant: Your bill amounts to 867 dollars.

Suzy: Do you accept credit cards? How can I pay?

Assistant: I am sorry, we don’t take credit card numbers on phone for security purposes. I can send you an email with an online form that leads to a secure payment page.

Suzy: Won’t that take too long?

Assistant: Well, I can also mark it for Cash on delivery and you can pay in cash to the delivery boy.

Suzy: That’s a good option. When will he deliver?

Assistant: You will get this product within 2 days. Please keep the cash ready.

Suzy: Sure. No problems.

Exchanging a dress

Lizzie: Hey, is it fashionfreak.com?

Assistant: Yes, what can I help you with?

Lizzie: Well, I ordered a dress from your site and I want to exchange it. Could you help me with this?

Assistant: May I know your order number and reason for exchanging?

Lizzie: It’s AK129984 and it is not the same dress I ordered for.

Assistant: Oh! Is that so. I am really sorry. Please return the dress to us and we will despatch the correct dress to you.

Lizzie: Hmm... Okay. I will send the dress back to you.

Assistant: Thank you! I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

Lizzie : It’s alright. I’ve ordered several times from you, and this is the first time that this has happened.

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