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In this lesson you will learn how to give directions.

Which Way to Go?

Ryan: Excuse me please, do you know how to reach St. Peter’s Church?

Duke: Oh sure! It’s actually a bit far from here. You’ll have to get a taxi and go to Ken Street.

Ryan: So, it is on Ken Street, right?

Duke: Yes. Go down to the King’s corner, and there you’ll see the signboard to the cathedral.

Ryan: Yeah, got it. Thank you.

Duke: Just tell the taxi that you need to get down to the King’s corner, Okay?

Ryan: Okay. Thank you very much.

Duke: Don’t mention it!

Where’s the Photocopy Shop?

Emily: Hello, I need to photocopy some forms, can you tell me where I can do that?

Ann: Hmm… Yes, there’s a photocopy shop at Sam’s Plaza. Just walk left from the intersection. It is only three minutes away.

Emily: Thank you so much.

Ann: You’re welcome. Have a good day!

Emily: Same to you...Oh, can I find a good restaurant up there?

Ann: No. For a restaurant you will have to walk straight. You will see the Foodmart on the other side of the street.

Emily: Thanks again!

Ann: My pleasure!

Joe’s Place.

Ann: Hello there! Do you know where’s Joe’s place?

Ryan: There are many Joes around here. What’s his last name?

Ann: It’s Simpsons.

Ryan: Joe Simpsons...Are you talking about Army Joe?

Ann: Yeah, he is an Army vet.

Ryan: Okay, just turn right from that crossroad. Before you reach the other crossroad, look for the house with the red roof and some Eucalyptus trees. That’s Army Joe’s place.

Ann: Thank you so much.

Ryan: That’s alright.

How Can I Get to the Fair?

Duke: Emily, how can I get to the town fair?

Emily: Take the next right turn from here. After walking for about 5 minutes, take the subway, go towards Rodney Street, from there you.

Duke: Hold on. Just tell me which way to go from here again, please.

Emily: You have to walk right from this intersection.

Duke: Okay, thanks. I’ll just ask some more people when I get to the subway.

Emily : Sure. Hope you have a great time at the fair.

Duke : Yes, I’m meeting my family there.

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