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In this lesson, we’ll see what to say and do, when it’s time to relax and have fun.

Going to the Pub.

Kayla: Done with work for the night, Matt?

Matt: Yes! It has been a long day.

Kayla: Do you have any plans after work?

Matt: I was thinking about just going home and relaxing. How about you?

Kayla: I am going out with a few friends to the Pub.

Matt: That actually sounds fun. I will join you guys if that is alright.

Kayla: That's perfectly fine. Let's go!

Relaxing at Home.

Kayla: Hi, honey. How was work today?

Matt: Work was stressful today.

Kayla : I'm sorry to hear that. Why was it so stressful?

Matt: I had two business meetings and had to make a presentation to my boss.

Kayla: Did it go well?

Matt: I think so. I'm just tired. Let's watch some TV and relax.

Kayla: Great idea!

Going out for Dinner.

Kayla: Hey, Matt! Let’s go out for dinner tonight.

Matt: Sounds great. Where do you want to go?

Kayla: I am thinking about Chinese food. What do you say?

Matt: Chinese food is fine with me. Do you want to go to Ming’s?

Kayla: Yeah, let’s go to Ming’s. It’s a great restaurant!

Matt: Okay. It’s decided. We’re eating at Ming’s tonight.

To the Mall.

Matt : Kayla, do you want to hang out at the mall this Sat?

Kayla : I don’t know, it’s been a busy week. I was planning to relax at home.

Matt : Oh come on! It will be fun.

Kayla : What do you want to do there?

Matt : Hang out, do some window shopping, some bowling and maybe eat out.

Kayla : Hmm... Sounds tempting. Okay, let’s do it.

Matt : Excellent!

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