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In this lesson, we will learn how to use ‘throw away’.


Andy: Hello, everybody. Today we’re going to talk about the expression ‘throw away’.

Debby: Hi, Andy. Hello, everyone. ‘Throw away’ is a common expression that means to discard something you don’t want, or need, anymore.

Andy: That’s right. Imagine you have an old T-shirt that has a hole in it. You will never wear this shirt again, so you throw it away. In other words, you put it in a trash can.

Debby: Andy, do we only throw objects away?

Andy: No. Sometimes we use this expression in a figurative way. For example, when you spend a lot of time or money doing something and the result is not what you want, you say you throw away your time or money.

Debby: I see…I spent a lot of money on a car that looked new, but never worked. So I can say that I threw my money away.

Andy: Yes, that’s exactly right.

Debby: Ok. I think I get it.

Andy: Let’s take a look at some dialogues with different examples.

Parents Talking.

Jeff: Well, honey, we need to talk about our son.

Ruth: I know. He spent all that time and money to become a doctor and now wants to leave everything and become a singer.

Jeff: How can he throw away a college education like that?

Ruth: I know! We have to talk to him. We need to help him see that this is crazy!

Jeff: I talked to him for a long time yesterday, but he just wouldn’t listen to me. He said he’s made his decision. I feel like I threw away two hours of my life talking to him.

Ruth: No, honey. You did what you had to do. He has to understand that he is throwing away many future opportunities.

Jeff: You’re right. Let’s talk to him one more time, together.

Ruth: Yes. We must at least try.

On the Street.

Andy: Excuse me, sir. I think you dropped this.

Jeff: What? Oh, no. I threw it away.

Andy: On the floor? There is a trash can right over there.

Jeff: Well, you’re right. I’m in a hurry. I didn’t see the trash can. Thank you.

Andy: No problem.

At Home.

Ruth: Hey, Debby. Did you go to the game yesterday?

Debby: Yes, and I’m sorry I did. I threw my money away! What a horrible game!!

Ruth: I agree. I threw away an opportunity to go out with Eric because of that stupid game.

Debby: Why didn’t you invite him to go with you?

Ruth: He doesn’t like football. But I’m glad he didn’t go. Why throw his money away, too?

Debby: You’re right, of course.

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neel jain
wow....superb but for beginners like us.it would be helpful if you give their all meanings in the beginning or at the end....so we can check our understanding level.

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