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In this lesson you will learn about nouns and how to use them in your conversations.


Max: Nouns are naming words. They can name anything: people, places, things...

Nina: Store, woman, rock. All nouns, right?

Max: Right. Nouns can even name actions, like: the fighting. ‘The fighting finally stopped after the police came’.

Nina: Sometimes two nouns can be combined to form a compound noun, like: bus stop, football or six-pack.

Max: Nouns can be the subject or the object of a sentence. ‘A school of butterflyfish swam into the cave’. School, butterflyfish, and cave are nouns.

Nina: Pretty easy. So let's look at more examples of nouns.

Anne's Desk.

David: Your desk is so messy! How can you find anything?

Anne: Easy, I have everything I need right here. I have pencils, books, and paper.

David: Do you have a vacuum cleaner? There’s pencil dust everywhere.

Anne: It's not that bad. I also have my lunch money, two packs of gum, and a box of paperclips.

David: It's amazing that you can find it all there. My desk is very clean.

Anne: That's because you don't have anything on your desk.

The Aquarium.

Shelly: Don't forget we're going to the Aquarium today.

John: Yeah, I'm pretty excited. I like to watch them feed the sharks.

Shelly: What do they feed them with? Fruits and vegetables?

John: Of course not! Sharks eat meat.

Shelly: Do they throw cows into the shark tank? I don't want to see that!

John: Don't be ridiculous. They only throw fish into the tank, like tuna and chum.

Shelly: Chum, like people? A school chum?

John: That's even sillier. It's not that kind of chum. Chum is a mixture of meat and blood for the sharks.

Shelly: Okay, I still don't want to see that!

A Box of Flowers.

Ben: Hey Karen! I saw you got a long box delivered to you this morning.

Karen: Yes! It was a box of flowers: long-stem roses with blue ribbons.

Ben: Wow, who sent them? Was it a guy from the office?

Karen: No, they're from a boy who works at the coffee shop across the street. I go there every day.

Ben: Good for you, looks like you have an admirer.

Karen: No, he's just a friend.

Ben: I don't think so. Flowers are expensive. I send my friends a cheap smile. I only send my sweetheart candy and flowers.

Karen: Hmm, I hope you're right.

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