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In this lesson, we will learn how to use ‘drop out’.


Wallace: Hello, everybody. Today we’re going to talk about the expression ‘drop out’.

Chris: Hi, Wallace. Hello, everyone. ‘Drop out’ is a common expression that means that a person has decided to stop taking a class, or has stopped participating in an event, like in a presidential race, for example.

Wallace: That’s it. I have a cousin who was in college, but she got pregnant and dropped out.

Chris: Is she going to get married?

Wallace: No. She decided to drop out so she could stay home with the baby.

Chris: That’s a very difficult decision…

Wallace: I know. But she is young. She can always start again later…

At High School.

Sally: Hi, Linda. What’s wrong?

Linda: Oh, hi, Sally. I’m so upset! My parents won’t give me money to travel.

Sally: Why not?

Linda: They say I’m not doing very well at school, and I have to improve my grades.

Sally: I think you’re really smart and should dedicate more time to your studies!

Linda: You sound just like my parents!! I’ll just drop out of school, get a job, and go to Europe with my money!

Sally: What kind of job can a high school dropout get?

Linda: I can get a job at a fast food restaurant.

Sally: Good luck! You’ll spend years saving up money for a trip to Europe! Don’t drop out! Stay in school, get a good job, and then travel to Europe in style!!

Linda: Yeah…maybe you’re right. I’m going to think better about this.

Friends Talking.

Chris: Hi, Jim. Did you hear about Clifford?

Jim: The presidential candidate? No. What happened?

Chris: He dropped out of the race.

Jim: He dropped out?! But he was ahead in the polls! Why did he decide to drop out?

Chris: Well, he apparently has a heart disease, and he’ll need to spend some time in the hospital.

Jim: That’s too bad. He was the best candidate.

Chris: I agree. I was going to vote for him…

At Home.

Linda: Hi, grandpa.

Jim: Hi, sweetheart. Did you think about what we discussed?

Linda: Yes. I decided not to drop out of school.

Jim: That’s a very smart decision. Your education is the most important thing in your life right now.

Linda: I know…I won’t drop out, and you’ll help me improve my grades.

Jim: It’s a deal!

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