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In this lesson, we will learn how to use ‘put on’.


Kenny: Hello, everybody. Today we’re going to talk about the idiom ‘put on’.

Matt: Hi, Kenny. Hello, everyone. ‘Put on’ is a common idiom that we use to explain the action of placing something on our body, such as perfume, jewelry, clothes, or make up.

Kenny: Yes, that’s it. We use ‘put on’ to refer to any item we place on our body that we can take off.

Matt: Interesting. So, based on that, we cannot ‘put on’ a tattoo.

Kenny: That is correct. We say ‘get a tattoo’, or ‘have a tattoo’. We cannot take a tattoo off, so we don’t wear one; we do not ‘put on’ a tattoo.

Matt: And we can also use the idiom ‘put on’ when we refer to the action of placing something on a surface. In this case, we use the object between the words ‘put’ and ‘on’. Could you give us an example, Kenny?

Kenny: Certainly, Matt. When I arrive home at night, I cannot put my shoes on the floor because my dog will eat them.

Matt: Got it. Good example.

Kenny: Well, let’s listen to dialogues with more examples.

Before the Party.

Daisy: Where’s mom?

Cameron: She’s upstairs putting on her dress.

Daisy: So, that means she already put her make up on, I hope.

Cameron: Yes. She shouldn’t be long, now.

Daisy: Are you going to put on perfume?

Cameron: No. I have a bit of a headache.

Daisy: It’s sunny outside. If you have a headache, you should put your sunglasses on.

Cameron: Good idea. I will.

Delivery at the Office.

Daisy: Hello. I thought you wouldn’t come today.

Matt: Well, here I am. And today there’s so much to do.

Daisy: Yes. We’re expecting a big delivery from China.

Matt: This is it! There are about 15 boxes out there. Where do you want me to put them?

Daisy: Well, you can put the big boxes on the floor over there.

Matt: Ok, but there are a lot of smaller boxes, too.

Daisy: You can put the them on the table.

Getting Dressed.

Kenny: Hi, Cameron. I have a funny question…when you get dressed, what do you put on first?

Cameron: That is a funny question. But I’ll play along…I put on my underwear first. Then, I put on my pants. After that, I put on my blouse. I put my shoes on last.

Kenny: What about jewelry?

Cameron: I usually only put on a pair of earrings and a necklace after I’m dressed.

Kenny: I noticed you rarely put on any makeup.

Cameron: I’m allergic to most brands of makeup.

Kenny: And how long does it take you to put on your clothes?

Cameron: Well, I usually get dressed in fifteen minutes.

Kenny: I knew it! My girlfriend takes an hour to put on her clothes, jewelry, and makeup.

Cameron: Don’t complain, Kenny. She does it for you.

Kenny: I guess so…but I wish she could be more like you.

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