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In this lesson you will learn the phrases or words you can use to order a delivery.

Ordering Chinese Food.

Manager: Hello, Lee’s Garden Cuisine. What would you like to order?

Caleb: Hello, I’d like to hear your specials, please.

Manager: Sure Sir, we have Wonton noodles, Hakka noodles, Crispy lamb, Veg, Chicken or Pork Dim sums.

Caleb: Okay, I’d like to order Wonton noodles and Chicken Dim Sum for two.

Manager: Is that all, Sir? Would you like to order some starters or soup?

Caleb: Ummm, no thanks, that’s it. My address is 42 Beverly Street.

Manager: Okay, that’s $34 and your order will be delivered within 30 minutes.

Asking a Friend to Recommend a Restaurant.

Sarah: Hey Tom! I want to order delivery today. Any recommendations?

Tom: What cuisine do you want, Sarah?

Sarah: Ummm, Chinese or maybe Italian.

Tom: If you want Chinese, you’ve got to order from Lee’s Garden, they make awesome sizzlers. For Italian, Pizzeria Roza is excellent. They make authentic Pizza pies.

Sarah: Okay, awesome! Text me the numbers of both restaurants, will ya?

Tom: No problem!

Asking for Suggestions.

Manager: Hello, this is the Thai Bamboo Restaurant. What would you like to order?

Bethany: Well, I am not really sure. I’ve never eaten Thai food before. Any suggestions?

Manager: We’ve got Pad Thai noodles, Duck curry, Fresh broccoli with oyster sauce and Thai bamboo cashew nut.

Bethany: Wow! So many options. Why don’t you tell me what could be a good combination?

Manager: I’d recommend Pad Thai noodles and Fresh broccoli with oyster sauce, that’s our special.

Bethany: Okay, that sounds nice. I’ll go with your choice. My address is 689 Hampton place.

Manager: Your order will be delivered in 30 minutes. Will you be paying in cash?

Bethany: Yep, no problems.

Manager : Please pay the delivery boy $32.

Bethany : Alright.

Manager: Thank you. Hope to serve you again soon.

Ordering for a Bunch of People.

Manager: Hello, this is Burger Queen. What would you like to order?

Kevin: Hi, I want 26 chicken burgers and 30 veg burgers.

Manager: Okay, would you like something else? Like French fries or pizzas?

Kevin: Ummmm yeah, make it 20 boxes of French fries. And can you please box them properly and deliver by 2 o’clock? I need them for my kid’s birthday party.

Manager: Don’t worry, Sir. I’ll make sure they are packed well. If your party is at 2, then we’ll deliver just before 2 so that they stay hot and fresh.

Kevin : That’s a nice idea. Thank you.

Manager : No problems. I hope you have a great party.

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