The Simple Future Tense With Will - Learn Advanced English Grammar

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In this lesson, we will learn how to use the Simple Future.


Melissa: Hello, everybody. Today we’re going to talk about the Simple Future. It is a verb form used to express the idea of future, or something that will happen after the moment we speak.

Tina: Hi, Melissa. Hello, everyone. We make the Simple Future sentence by using subject + will + verb in the simple, positive form.

Melissa: Yes, that’s it, Tina. When talking about the future, we use this to say when something will happen.

Tina: Are there other ways we can say the same thing, referring to the future?

Melissa: Yes! There are many ways to talk about the future. Using will is one of them.

Tina: And the short form of will is commonly used when we speak, right?

Melissa: Yes, that’s true. Using contractions is a characteristic of spoken language.

Tina: Can we see some dialogues with examples?

Melissa: Good idea. Let’s take a look at some people using the future with ‘will’.

Friends Talking.

Paul: Hey, Richard. What’s up?

Richard: Not much, Paul. How are you doing? Today is Friday, anything planned for later?

Paul: Yes! Tonight we’ll go to Anne’s house.

Richard: Is it her birthday?

Paul: No, her birthday is Sunday, but we will celebrate later tonight. Would you like to come?

Richard: Yes, I would. How will you go?

Paul: I’ll take a taxi. But, if you want a ride, call Susan. She’ll go by car.

Richard: Great! Susan is my neighbor. I will call her and ask her to give me a ride. Thanks, Paul. I’ll see you at the party!

Family Breakfast.

Melissa: Good morning, honey. Will you take the car today?

Paul: Good morning, dear. No. Today Richard will give me a ride to the office.

Melissa: Good. I will need the car to take my mother to the doctor’s office later this morning.

Paul: Okay. Do you know what time you will be home? Will you have lunch with me?

Melissa: No, I won’t have time. I will have a meeting with my boss at the office this afternoon.

At the Office

Richard: Hi, Tina. Will you go to Canada next week?

Tina: Yes, I will. How about you?

Richard: No, I won’t be able to go. I will stay at the office to coordinate things from here.

Tina: Will you be alone at the office?

Richard: No. Peter will be here, too. He’ll come from New York to give me a hand.

Tina: Great! I know you’re very competent, but you will need help here.

Richard: I know. We will do everything we can to make sure our client is happy.

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