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In this lesson, we’ll learn words and phrases that we can use to talk about a hard day at work.

I Am So Tired!

Harry: Hey Ron, what’s up with you? You look tired!

Ron: Yeah, man. I had a tough day at work.

Harry: Oh, what happened?

Ron: I just had a lot to do today and my boss was cranky as usual.

Harry: Just go home and rest. You’ll probably feel better tomorrow.

Ron: I guess you’re right.

Made a Mistake at Work.

George: Hey there! Long time, no see.

Selena: Oh, hi George! Yeah! I’ve been all tied up with work.

George: What happened? You look tense.

Selena: I’m just in a very delicate situation, I messed up a bit.

George: What did you do?

Selena: I was supposed to transfer some money from my boss’s account to a customer but I sent it to a wrong person.

George: Oh, no! What are you gonna do now?

Selena: My boss has given me a few days to recover that money or else I might lose my job.

George: Good luck, Selena!

Selena: I need it, thanks.

Late Hours.

Bob: Hey dude! Why didn’t you show up at the baseball match today?

Danny: I had to work late hours at the office!

Bob: Why? What happened?

Danny: Well, I hadn’t finished my project. So, my boss made me stay late.

Bob: That’s sad. Your boss surely makes people work their butts off!

Danny: Yes, he does!

Irritating Client.

Janet: Hey Cathy! What’s up? Are you done with your project?

Cathy: No, Janet. I would’ve finished by now but a client has been driving me crazy.

Janet: Yeah, I know, right? They drive me crazy too. What did this one do?

Cathy: He’s been calling me up all day pointing out tiny mistakes in the project. It’s very irritating.

Janet: Why don’t you ask him to email you instead?

Cathy: I asked him, but he didn’t listen.

Janet : What a bore!

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