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In this lesson, we will learn how to use the phrasal verb ‘cut in’.


Clarice: Hello, everybody. Today we’re going to talk about the expression ‘cut in’.

Hannibal: Hi, Clarice. Hello, everyone. That’s right. ‘Cut in’ is a common expression and it can mean that a person interrupts another while they’re talking.

Clarice: For example, I have an aunt who never lets people finish a sentence. She always interrupts and concludes other people’s ideas.

Hannibal: That’s very annoying!

Clarice: Yes, it is! Do you know another way we can use ‘cut in’?

Hannibal: Yes. We can use ‘cut in’ when a person takes a place in front of another in line, before their turn.

Clarice: Exactly! There is a very impolite girl at my school who always cuts in line at the cafeteria.

Hannibal: Some people are just too rude.

Clarice: Yes, you’re right. But let’s listen to some conversations with some examples now.

A Rude Person.

Victor: Hi, Les. Are you having fun?

Les: No, not really…I wanted to dance, but I don’t like…

Victor: Hey, this music is terrible!

Les: I was trying to explain…

Victor: Don’t you think this party is boring? The music is so slow!

Les: Well, that’s what I was just…

Victor: I think I’ll go to a club next time I want to have some fun.

Les: Victor, would you let me finish at least …

Victor: Do you want to go somewhere more fun?

Les: Not with you, thanks.

Victor: What’s wrong with you, Les? Why not?

Les: Because you’re very rude, man! You didn’t let me finish one sentence. You always cut in!

Get In Line.

Clarice: Excuse me. But I am the next person in line. You cut in!

Victor: Sorry, but I’m in a hurry.

Clarice: I understand, but I am also in a hurry.

Victor: I’ll be very quick. I only have to make one payment.

Clarice: Well, I’ll be very quick, too; and I arrived first, so you’ll just have to wait your turn.

Victor: Listen…please let me cut in front of you in line! I have to go back to work and I don’t have much time…

Clarice: I’m very sorry, Sir, but I also have to get back to work, and I will not let you cut in.

Victor: Well, Ok, then…I’ll wait.

Please, Don’t Join Us.

Hannibal: Hi, Clarice. Have a seat. I’m sure you’ll love the food here. It’s delicious!

Clarice: I’m so glad you invited me.

Hannibal: I wanted to talk to you about…

Victor: Hannibal! How are you? When was the last time we met?

Hannibal: Oh! Hello, Victor. How are you? Let me introduce a…

Victor: Who’s your friend? She looks familiar.

Hannibal: Well, as I was saying, this is…

Victor: Oh, yeah! Now I remember! The lady at the bank!

Hannibal: Have you two met?

Clarice: Not really…I was in line at the bank when…

Victor: We don’t have to talk about that…can I sit with you guys?

Hannibal: Well, we were trying to have a private conversation when you cut in…

Victor: Say no more! I’m out of here! Enjoy your meal! Give me a call sometime, Hannibal!

Clarice: What a rude man! Always cutting in!

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