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In this lesson we will learn about phrases you can use while looking for a place to live.

Communicating Your Requirements.

Charlie: Hi, my name is Charlie. I’m looking for an apartment to rent.

Ben: Alright. What kind of apartment would you prefer?

Charlie: Since I’ll be living with my friend, I’m looking for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Ben: Do you have any specific location in mind?

Charlie: Yup. I think Seone and Alfred Streets are a good option as my office is pretty close to them.

Ben: What is your budget?

Charlie: Anything under $900 a month would do.

Ben: Alright. Give me an hour, I’ll get back to you with some options and we can visit them.

Charlie: That’d be great! Thank you.

Bargaining with a Homeowner.

Betty: I like your house very much. I’d like to buy it, but you are quoting a really high price.

Andrew: I just told you the market price of the property. In Texas, it is $100 per sq. ft. There is no property as beautiful as this for the price.

Betty: I understand. But, it’s over my budget. Is there some room for bargaining?

Andrew: Well, I don’t know. I am sure I can get an offer for this much. Let me ask my property consultant.

Betty: Okay, let’s see what your consultant advises you. If the final quote suits me, I might buy the property.

Enquiring About Rent.

Charlie: My name is Charlie, I’m calling from California.

Andrew: It’s Andrew here. What can I do for you?

Charlie: I saw your advertisement on Craigslist regarding a property for rent in San Diego.

Andrew: Yes, I have a vacant house in San Diego and I’m planning to get some rental income from it.

Charlie: I’m looking for an apartment there myself. I’m interested in renting the property if I find it suitable for my stay.

Andrew: Alright. Do you want to see the property?

Charlie: Yes. I am traveling to San Diego next week. Can I see it then?

Andrew: Sure! Give me a call when you get there and I will arrange it, if it’s still available.

Talking to Your Friend.

Charlie: Where have you been, Betty? I’ve been trying to reach you since last Sunday.

Betty: Gosh. Don’t even ask! I never knew hunting for an apartment could be so tough.

Charlie: What apartment? Are you moving out of your house?

Betty: Yes. I’m looking for a place near my office.

Charlie: I think there’s a vacant apartment in my building. Do you want to get that?

Betty: That’d be great! How much is the rent for your place?

Charlie: I pay $1200. It’s a very nice place.

Betty: I know, Charlie. I’ve seen the building.

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