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In this lesson you’ll learn about phrases that you can use to ask or talk about dancing in Engish.

Participating in a Competition.

Gary: Hey, did you check the notice board?

Veronica: No, not yet! What is it?

Gary: The senior classes have been invited for the open dance competition.

Veronica: Really? When is it happening?

Gary: 15th of next month. We have lots of time to practice.

Veronica: Yup. We’re gonna rock the show this time.

Will You Go to the Dance with Me?

Tim : Hey Julia. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Julia : Sure. What’s up?

Tim : Well... you know there’s the graduation party later this month, right?

Julia : Sure, Tim! The entire college knows that.

Tim : I was wondering if you’d go to the dance with me?

Julia : With you? Oh, gosh! Yes! Of course, Tim! I’d love that.

Tim : Great! That’s perfect.

Do You Want to Dance?

Tim : It’s a great party, isn’t it?

Julia : It sure is. Everyone’s having fun.

Tim : Yep. They are playing some awesome numbers.

Julia : Yeah. The music is awesome.

Tim : Do you want to dance?

Julia : I thought you’d never ask!

Thank You for the Dance.

Tim : I had a lot of fun tonight.

Julia : Me too! You danced really well.

Tim : Thank you. You’re a fantastic dancer too!

Julia : Thank you. I think we were the best dancing couple on the floor.

Tim : I can totally believe that. Thank you for coming to the dance with me.

Julia : Thanks for asking me Tim. I loved it.

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