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In this lesson you will learn about phrases that you can use to interact with your dentist.

Having a Bad Toothache

Fred: Hello, Jodie. How are you doing?

Jodie: Not good, doc! I’m having a bad toothache.

Fred: Hmmm..Let me check...

Jodie: Is it something bad?

Fred: Well, nothing unusual for a sweet tooth like you! You’ve got another set of cavities.

Jodie: Ouch. But, I’ve been taking good care of my teeth.

Fred: The gaps you have between your teeth make you prone to frequent cavities. This is the reason I keep on asking you to visit the dentist once every 6 months to maintain your oral hygiene.

Jodie: Yes, I know you’re right. Are the cavities really bad?

Fred: Not that bad. We’ll fix them up with composite filling.

Getting Your Teeth Cleaned.

Sam: Hi, how are you?

Welson: I’m good. I’m actually tired of these stains on my teeth. Could you suggest any treatment that could remove them permanently?

Sam: Well, we can fix that with scaling and polishing.

Welson: How much will it cost?

Sam: The whole process will take 3-4 sittings of 45 minutes each. Each sitting will cost you $50.

Welson: Will it be painful?

Sam: No. Not at all! You won’t even know what’s going on.

Welson: Can I get an appointment for the first sitting?

Sam: Sure. You can come tomorrow morning at 11.

Welson: Okay, thanks.

Chipped Tooth.

Sam: Hi Susan. How are you?

Susan: Not good, doc. I got my tooth chipped last night.

Sam: How did that happen?

Susan: I slipped off the stairs last night.

Sam: Sounds bad. C’mon, show me your chipped tooth. Ouch!...That’s really bad.

Susan: Can you fix it?

Sam: Well, we’ll have to put a crown over the chipped tooth.

Susan: Will that be painful?

Sam: Yes, it can be a little painful. But, if you want, I can use anaesthesia.

Susan: No, that’s okay. I can bear a little pain.

Getting Veneers.

Welson: I have these gaps in between my front teeth. Is there any way I can get them covered?

Sam: Yes. We can use composite material to fix them up. But, I see you have pretty big gaps on both sides. I suggest veneers.

Welson: How much would it cost?

Sam: Veneers would cost you around $250 per tooth.

Welson: That’s pretty expensive! And how long would it last?

Sam: Veneers can last up to 7 years if taken care of properly.

Welson: That’s pretty good. Alright. I’ll check my dental plan coverage first and let you know.

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