Plans for the weekend - Basics of English Speaking - English Phrases For Vacations

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In this lesson we will learn about phrases that you can use to discuss your weekend plans.

Weekend Office Trip.

Ben : The office is organizing a trip to Welhams National Park on Saturday. Are you coming?

Christine: This weekend?

Ben : No, the next one. Most of the staff is going.

Christine : Next weekend? Oh no! My husband and I already have some plans.

Ben : Well, that’s sad. You won’t be coming then?

Christine : I’m so sorry. But it’s just not possible. We’ve been planning it for a long time.

Ben : I understand. We’ll miss you.

Family Weekend Trip.

Pearl: Hey Lisa, I was wondering. We should plan an outing for this weekend.

Lisa: Well, that’s an idea to think about.

Pearl: It’s been awhile, since we had a good weekend together as a family.

Lisa: Where do you think we should go?

Pearl: I think the beach will be good. The weather is nice and the kids will love it.

Lisa: Yeah, Ben loves the beach. We could totally go there!

Pearl: Alright sis. It’s final.

What’s Your Plan?

Lisa: What’s up, Christine ?

Christine : Not much. Any special plans for the weekend?

Lisa: Well, I’m going to spend this weekend with the family.

Christine : That’s good. Who’s coming?

Lisa: My sister Pearl, and she’s bringing her husband and her kids along. My daughter just loves them.

Christine : Sounds like fun! You guys will have a great time.

Lisa: I hope so. What about you? Got any plans for the weekend?

Christine : (Sigh) I wish. I have some work that I need to finish. Gotta focus on that.

Lisa: Awww, poor girl!

Had a Fantastic Weekend!

Ben : Hey Christine! Welcome back. You look all tanned and sunny.

Christine: Thanks Ben. I had a great weekend at the beach.

Ben : That’s fantastic! Did you guys go swimming?

Christine: No! But we made sandcastles and played ball.

Ben : Good clean fun. I am glad you enjoyed it. Back to work now, right?

Christine: Yep! There’s a big load of things to do this week.

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