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In this lesson we will learn phrases that you can use to ask someone out on a date.

Asking Him Out.

Suzanne: Hey Daniel! How are you?

Daniel: I’m good, Suzanne! What are you doing here? Don’t you have your class going on?

Suzanne: No, today’s lecture got cancelled. So, I am going to head home.

Daniel: Cool! Good to see you here. Did you drop in to see me?

Suzanne: Yes. There’s this book-fair going on, and I was wondering if you wanna go there with me on Saturday. We can have dinner too if you want.

Daniel: Are you asking me out on a date?

Suzanne: (Laughing). Don’t make it sound so official. Now, do you want to go or not?

Daniel: Of course I want to go! I’ll pick you up at 4.

Asking Her to the Prom.

Freddy: Paulina, who are you going to the prom with?

Paulina: (Shrugs) I don’t know. What about you?

Freddy: Well... Would you go to the prom with me then?

Paulina: Sure. I’d love that.

Freddy : (Smiling). Fantastic. I can pick you up at 7.

Paulina : I’ll be ready.

On a Movie Date.

Paulina: Hey Daniel! What’s up?

Daniel: Hey! Nothing much. I’m getting bored!

Paulina: How about going for a movie tonight?

Daniel: Not a bad idea! Should we go for dinner after the movie?

Paulina: Of course! Why not?

Daniel: Perfect!

A Night Out.

Freddy: What are you going to do tonight?

Suzanne: Nothing much. I’m gonna head back home and get some sleep, I guess.

Freddy: Do you ever consider not sleeping early on a weekend night?

Suzanne: Err..Yes, I do. When I went out on a date with you, for example. But you never bothered to ask me again...

Freddy: Oops... So, would you go out on a date with me again, tonight?

Suzanne: I wouldn’t mind at all!

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