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Shopping for shoes

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In this lesson we will learn the phrases you can use when you shop for new shoes.

Asking about particular size

Rupert: Excuse me. Can you help me?

Clerk: Certainly. What can I do for you?

Rupert: I need to buy a pair of formal shoes which I can wear to the office.

Clerk: Okay. What’s your size?

Rupert: 9 should be perfect.

Clerk: I will show you some size 9 shoes.

Shopping for women sandals

Lisa: I am looking for a shop that sells inexpensive peep toes.

>Rosy: There’s a store called Metro Shoes that is famous for its good prices .You should try there.

Lisa: That’s a good idea! Have shopped there?

Rosy: Yes I have. I bought some moccasins. They were very sturdy and durable.

Lisa: Really? Do they also have a good selection of sandals?

Rosy: They have all the sandal designs you’d want ,dear. Just try it.

Lisa: Thanks! I will check it out today.

Getting Running Shoes

Rupert: Hey, I need some sports shoes. What do you suggest?

Clerk: Do you want jogging shoes? Or for any particular sport?

Rupert: Yeah! I am looking for jogging shoes.

Clerk: We have a good range of jogging shoes from all the major brands. Let me show you some.

Rupert: Alright. My size is 7.

Clerk: Okay. Let me show you some comfortable size 7 jogging shoes then.

At the checkout counter

Lisa: Hello! I want to buy these sandals. Can you please make a bill?

Clerk: Sure ma’am. Have you checked the size?

Lisa: Well, no I didn’t. They say size 7,...that’s my size.

Clerk: Hmm... I think you should try them on just in case.

Lisa: That’s a good idea. Let me try these on. Are you going to make the bill in the meanwhile?

Clerk: I’ll have the bill ready for you when you get back.

Lisa : Thank you.

Talking about the shoes you bought

Lisa: Hey, were did you buy these stilettos from?

Rosy: I purchased them from highheels.com.

Lisa: You bought it online? Was it expensive? Lia

Rosy: No, not at all. There was a sale on and I got awesome discounts!

Lisa: How much did they cost you?

Rosy: Well, I got a 55% discount. They were just 15 dollars!

Lisa: Really! They are a steal at that price. I must check out this website too!

Rosy : Go ahead Lisa. I am sure you will find some great deals.

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