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In this lesson you will learn about phrases you can use to talk about picnics.

Picnic with Friends.

Haley: Hey! You look rushed. What’s the hurry?

Nathan: Well, a group of friends just planned a last minute picnic. I need to rush and pack things.

Haley: Wow! Where are you guys going?

Nathan: We plan to spend a day at Greenwich Park.

Haley: Hey, can I join you guys?

Nathan: Why not? If you are not busy then come along.

Haley: Alright! This is going to be so cool!

Picnic with Family.

Christine: Do you have any meetings on Sunday?

George: No. Fortunately, I won’t be doing any work this Sunday. Our manager has hired some part time employees to work on weekends.

Christine: That’s great. So, can we plan a family picnic for this weekend?

George: Sure. Ask the kids where they want to go. I’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Christine: Awesome! I’ll ask them at the dinner table tonight.

Packing the Things We Need.

Haley: I’m so confused! What should I pack for a one-day picnic?

Nathan: Well, you don’t need much.

Haley: I know. But, there are certain things we always need.

Nathan: Yup. Like a first aid box, a pair of extra clothes, maybe a swimsuit.

Haley: How about a pair of slippers?

Nathan: Yeah. In my opinion that’s a must!

Haley: Anything else I could’ve missed?

Nathan: Let’s ask the other guys. Ask them what they are packing.

Haley: That’s a good idea! I’ll call Monica. She’s pretty good at packing stuff.

Picnic Food.

Christine: What food should I pack for the picnic?

Peyton: Anything that you can make easily! Make sure whatever you cook is fulfilling.

Christine: How about pasta, fried chicken and some homemade cookies?

Peyton: I think that would be just fine. You can also bring some potato chips and sandwiches for a quick bite.

Christine: What about dessert?

Peyton: Apple pie would be nice.

Christine: Alright. Let’s do this!

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