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In this lesson we will learn phrases that we can use at Christmas time.

Christmas Is Coming.

Tom: Christmas is just a few days away. I really like this time of the year!

Harry: Yes, I like it too! You know, my parents are coming for Christmas.

Tom: Wow! That’s great news. I wish my parents were here too.

Harry: Well if they are not coming, why don’t you guys go and visit them?

Tom: Can’t do it this year. Claire hasn’t been feeling very well lately. I think she needs to rest.

Harry : Well, there’s always next year.

Tom : Yep! Enjoy your Christmas reunion.

Buying Gifts Together.

Teresa: Hey Angela! Are you done shopping for gifts?

Angela: No,Teresa. I was so busy last week, I had tons of work to do. I haven’t done any shopping yet and Christmas is just around the corner.

Teresa: Why don’t you join me? I need to go shopping too. I used to go to Hamleys for toys, but the kids are all grown up now so I need to find another shop.

Angela: Yeah, your kids and mine are about the same age. We can find the gifts together.

Teresa: Oh, yeah! That would be great. We can also shop for our husbands.

Angela: Yes, sure! I’ll pick you up around 4 tomorrow, okay?

Teresa: Sure, see you!

At Church.

Esther: Hi Tracy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Tracy: Merry Christmas to you and all your family, too.

Esther: Thank you so much! What are you guys doing for lunch today?

Tracy: Nothing special. Our relatives are coming over for dinner though.

Esther: Why don’t you join us for lunch then? After church?

Tracy: That’d be nice! We’ll see you at your place then. I’ll bring some pie.

Esther: Sure! Thanks. See you!

Wishing Someone over the Phone.

Lucie: Maddy? Hi! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family.

Madeline: Hey Lucie! Thanks! I wish you the same!

Lucie: So, what are you doing?

Madeline: I was just opening the presents that my parents gave me.

Lucie: I’ve just opened mine as well. I got a new Ipad! So happy! What did you get?

Madeline: Oh, wow! I got new headphones and some clothes & accessories.

Lucie: That’s really cool! See you later, Maddy!

Buying a Christmas Tree.

Salesman: Can I help you?

Annie: Yes. I’d like a nice Christmas tree, please.

Salesman: You came to the right place! How big of a tree do you want?

Annie: Well, not too big. I want to keep it in my hall. A small one will do.

Salesman: Okay. I have just the one for you. It’s the last small tree so you’re in the nick of time.

Annie: I’ll take it then!

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