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In this lesson we will see phrases that you can use to talk about your engagement.

Telling Your Friends You’re Engaged.

Richard: Hey John! How’s it going with Karen?

John: It’s fantastic,Dick! I wanna tell you something. I proposed to Karen!

Richard: No way mate! I’m so happy for you. So you’re engaged now?

John: Yep, I’m engaged. Soon to be married.

Richard: And when’s the wedding?

John: Haven’t really decided, but probably at the end of November.

Richard: Wow, that’s great news! Congratulations!

Telling Your Father You’re Going to Get Married.

Sophia: Dad, I wanna tell you something.

Dad: What’s it sweetheart?

Sophia: You know that Tom and I have been dating for a while, right?

Dad: Yes, dear. I know...

Sophia: Well, he proposed to me today and I said yes!

Dad: What?! He asked you to marry him?

Sophia: Yes, daddy! Aren’t you fine with it? I thought you liked Tom.

Dad: No. I mean, yes honey. I like him, too. It’s just that I am so surprised. My little girl is getting married!

Congratulating Your Friend on His Engagement.

Mark : Hey John. It’s me, Mark.

John : Hello Mark. What’s up, buddy?

Mark : I just got the news today, man! Rich told me you’re engaged!

John : So it’s making the rounds already? Yep, I’m engaged to Karen.

Mark : I’m so happy for you mate! I always knew you guys had something special.

John : Thank you buddy.

Mark : Let’s get together sometime. We gotta party!

John : Okay. Let’s plan a boys’ night out.

Telling Your Sister.

Karen : Susie!

Susie : Hey Karen. What’s up, girl?

Karen : Susie! I can’t believe it!

Susie : What’s going on? Everything alright?

Karen : John and I are engaged!

Susie : No way! My gawd! That’s terrific news! I am so happy for you!

Karen : Thank you. I am so happy!

Susie : I am sure you are. It’s fantastic news. Did you tell dad?

Karen : Going to call him later today.

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