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In this lesson we will learn some phrases you can use while placing an order at a restaurant.

Asking About a Dish.

Lisa: What exactly is Thenthuk?

Waiter: It's one of the most popular Tibetan dishes. It’s a flat noodle soup with vegetables and meat.

Lisa: Sounds delicious. Is it a starter?

Waiter: It’s sometimes eaten as a whole meal. But you can have it as a starter if you split it.

Lisa: Is there any fish in it?

Waiter: No, but there’s lamb.

Lisa: Aah. Well, I want a fish based dish today. Let me order something else.

Today’s Special.

Waitress: Good evening. Are you ready to order?

Emily: What are today’s specials?

Waitress: Today we have grilled tuna and New York strip steak served with creamy Italian herb sauce.

Emily: I think I’ll have the grilled tuna.

Waitress: It is served with a choice of rice, baked potatoes, or French fries.

Emily: Rice, please.

Waitress: Anything to drink?

Emily: A glass of lemonade, please.

Waitress: Ok. Your order will be served soon.

Asking for Extra Sauce.

Laura: Excuse me, could you please bring me some tomato sauce?

Waitress: Sure! How many serves would you like to have?

Laura: Is the extra sauce charged?

Waitress: Yes, Ma’am.

Laura: It should be complimentary! Anyways. Get me two serves, please.

Ordering the Dessert.

Waiter: Can I get you anything else? Dessert or coffee?

Lisa: I’d like to have some dessert. Any suggestions?

Waiter: The brownie served with vanilla ice cream is often ordered.

Lisa: Hmm...excellent! Please, bring me one.

Waiter: Sure. I’ll be right back.

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