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In this lesson we will learn phrases you can use to order room service in English.

Ordering Food.

Albert: Hello! I’m calling from room no. 324. I’d like to order dinner in my room.

Samantha: Sure. What’d you like to have?

Albert: Please send 1 vegetarian platter, 2 servings of crispy garlic noodles and 1 serving of mushroom gravy.

Samantha: Alright. Is there anything you’d like to drink?

Albert: Do you serve wine in the room?

Samantha: I’m afraid not. Alcoholic drinks are served only at the hotel bar.

Albert: Not a problem. Just send the food, please. How long would that be ?

Samantha: Max 30 minutes.

Albert: That’ll be fine. Thank you.

Asking for Laundry Service.

Gerard: Hi! Can you send someone to pick up the laundry from my room? It’s number 346.

Jerry: Sure. Is there anyone in the room?

Gerard: Yes. My wife’s there. Could you send someone right now? We are leaving in 15 minutes.

Jerry: Alright. I’ll ask the housekeeping staff to pick it up immediately.

Gerard: Thank you so much.

Ordering from Housekeeping.

Terrance: I’d like to get two fresh towels, please.

Jerry: Sure. Do you need anything else, Sir?

Terrance: No. That’s all for now.

Jerry: I am sending someone right away.

Terrance : Thank you.

Ordering Breakfast.

Samantha: Room service. How may I help you?

Albert: Good morning. This is room 234. Can I have some breakfast?

Samantha: Of course. Do you want the English breakfast with coffee?

Albert: Nah! I just want some fruits and a glass of carrot juice.

Samantha: Okay.

Albert: Yup. How long will it take?

Samantha: Be there in 10 minutes.

Albert: Great! Thank you.

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