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In this lesson you will learn about phrases you can use to talk about your clothes.

Getting Rid of Old Clothes.

Samantha: Hey Lucy! My wardrobe’s in a real mess. Do you wanna help me sort it out?

Lucy: I could do that, but you gotta get rid of all those old clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Samantha: I don’t wanna discard any of my clothes. I wear them all!

Lucy: Oh, come on Sam! Some of those clothes have been in the closet since 1995!

Samantha: Alright. There might be a couple of clothes that are old. But, not all!

Lucy: I think you should just give away all your stuff and get a new wardrobe.

Going Shopping.

Robert: Are you going somewhere?

Rita: Yup. I’m going shopping for clothes with my friends.

Robert: Oh, that’s nice. What do you plan to buy?

Rita: Maybe a summer dress. I don’t exactly have a plan. But I’m sure I’m gonna buy something unusual.

Robert:You always say that. Anyways, have fun shopping!

Rita: Thank you.

Shopping for a Special Date.

Rita: Gosh! I don’t have anything to wear on the date.

Lucy: But, you got a new dress last week. What happened to it?

Rita: I’ve already worn it once. I don’t want to wear it again. At least not in front of him!

Lucy: Then what you gonna do now?

Rita: I think it’s time for another shopping trip. Where should I go?

Lucy: I hear Zara’s got some new designs. Why don’t you check that out?

Selecting an Outfit for a Photo Shoot.

Lucy: I’m just so confused!

Robert: What happened?

Lucy: I don’t know what to wear for my photo shoot!

Robert: I thought the producers would give you the clothes.

Lucy: Nobody is producing it. It’s my photo shoot for my profile pictures. I gotta sponsor it myself.

Robert: Well, you look good in everything you wear.

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