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In this lesson we will learn about phrases you can use to greet people in English.

Greeting in a Business Meeting.

Gibson: Hello. I'm Gibson Washington.

Fred: Hello Gibson. I'm Fred Harris. How are you doing?

Gibson: I’m fine, thanks. Pleased to meet you. And thank you for taking the time to meet me today.

Fred: It's my pleasure. Would you like to have some tea or coffee?

Gibson: No thanks. I’m good.

Greeting Your Classmate.

Mason: Hey! I'm Mason.

Ammey: Hi. I'm Ammey.

Mason: Nice to meet you, Ammey. Where are you from?

Ammey: I’m from Chicago. What about you?

Mason: I'm from Massachusetts.

Ammey: I've always wanted to visit there. How long have you been in Detroit?

Mason: I got here a week ago.

Ammey: Really? Then today is probably your first day at the campus! Well, you’ll love it here.

Greeting at a Party.

Ammey: Hi, I’m Ammey. Have we met before?

Sarah: Hi Ammey. No, I don’t think so. I'm Sarah.

Ammey: Hi Sarah, good to meet you. So, how do you know Jimmy?

Sarah: Oh, he is my first cousin. I came to visit my aunt for the holidays.

Ammey: Cool. It’s always nice to visit relatives.

Sarah: That's right. And how do you know Jimmy?

Ammey: Actually, Jimmy and I work at the same ice cream parlour.

Sarah: No way! He never told me he works. I thought he was just a student.

Ammey: We do! We work and study!

Greeting Someone You Met Unexpectedly.

Fred: Hey Mason! Long time, no see! How have you been?

Mason: Oh man! What a surprise! How are you?

Fred: I’m very good! It’s good to see you again, buddy!

Mason: Do you come here often?

Fred: Not really. I’m here for a meeting today.

Mason: Why don’t you join me for dinner?

Fred: I would love to, but, right now I’m with some company. Let’s catch up again sometime.

Mason: Oh, sure! Anytime!

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