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In this lesson we will learn some phrases that you can use to ask others to meet you in person.

Meeting In a Cafe

Brian: Hey Kate! How are you doing?

Kate: I’m good. What’s up?

Brian: Well, I was wondering if we can meet at Gilbert’s cafe in the evening?

Kate: Is something up?

Brian: Not really. I wanted to go to the cafe after work today and I was wondering if you can accompany me.

Kate: Sure. Why not! We can meet at 7 if it’s alright with you.

Brian: 7 would be great. See you then!

Fixing An Official Meeting

Lucy: Good morning. Alex and Carton Enterprises. How can I help you?

Sanna: Good Morning! My name is Sanna Ashley, May I speak with Ms. Gribson.

Lucy: Speaking. How may I help you?

Sanna: Well, I’m from Trass Corporation. It’s about the order we are placing with you. Can we meet tomorrow?

Lucy: Sure. You can come tomorrow after lunch, at 1:30 PM?

Sanna: Absolutely! Thank you.

Calling For Doctor’s Appointment

Sanna: Good morning, Hudson Dental Clinic. How may I help you?

Kate: Hello. I’d like to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.

Sanna: Sure... May I know your name please?

Kate: My name is Kate Bridgestone.

Sanna: All right. What time would suit you best?

Kate: I’d prefer a morning appointment. Before 11:00 maybe..

Sanna: Sure. I can fit you in for an appointment at 10:45 AM?

Kate: That’d be great. Thank you so much.

Planning for Saturday night

Kate: Hey! What are you up to?

Brian: Nothing. Just trying to make plans for Saturday night. What about you?

Kate: Well, today is your lucky day.

Brian: What do you mean?

Kate: I actually called to ask you if you want to go out Saturday.

Brian: Oh! That’s great. I finish work at 6:00.

Kate: Great, I can meet you at 7 sharp at Freddy’s club.

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