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In this lesson we will see how to ask others about bus routes and schedules.

Which Bus Goes To Minute Maid Park

Albert: Hey! I’m new to this town. Would you tell me which bus goes to Minute Maid park?

William: Sure! You can take Route No. 23B or 34B, whichever comes first.

Albert: Are these direct lines or might I need to change else where.

William: No. Both these buses are direct.

Albert: That’d be great! When can I expect them?

William: 24B should be here in a few minutes.

Albert: Thanks for the help. I hope I didn't take too much of your time.

William: That’s okay. We all need help sometimes.

What Is The Fare?

Brian: Where do you want to go?

Gary: I want to go to Rocksprings. What is the fare for that route?

Brian: It’s $1.

Gary: That’s pretty high. Last time I visited Dallas, it was 50 cents on the same route.

Brian: Yup, but there was a hike in the fares recently. Now it’s 1 dollar.

Do You Have Change?

Brian: How much is the fare to Rodeland?

Williams: It’s 60 cents.

Brian: I’m afraid I don’t have any change. Could you break $5?

William: Sure thing!

Brian: Thank you so much.

Booking The Tickets in Advance

Gary: What do you think would be the best way to travel to Rockshire?

Albert: I think the bus would be cheapest. You’ll easily get the booking and it will get you to the destination pretty early.

Gary: Okay. Can I book the bus tickets online?

Albert: Yep, you can book your bus ticket on bookmybus.com.

Gary: Thank you. I will book the tickets online.

Albert: No problems. Have a safe trip!

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