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In this lesson we will learn about phrases that you can use to discuss weather conditions with others.

The Scorching Summer Heat

Monty: Hey Dreck, how are you doing?

Dreck: Hey Monty! It’s nice to hear from you. Tell me what’s up!

Monty: Well, I just wanted to tell you that we’ll be visiting you this weekend.

Dreck: That’s great! How did you suddenly decide to see me?

Monty: Well, the kids really want to visit their uncle, and Jody wants to see how you’re doing.

Dreck: You sure did pick the right time. The weather is awesome over here. It’s sunny and breezy.

Monty : Good to know that. It’s not so good in here. It’s been raining non-stop since three days.

Let’s Go to a Warmer Place

Kety: It’s so cold in here!

Dreck: I know. I am freezing. Gawd! I hate winter!

Kety: Do you think it’s going to get warmer soon?

Dreck: I don’t know. The weather report is saying it’s actually supposed to get colder .

Kety: I think I will die if it gets any colder!

Dreck: Oh come on! Our ancestors survived winters like these without any heating.

The weather is nice

Katy: It’s such pretty weather outside. Isn’t it?

Sam: Yes, it is indeed.

Katy: Let’s go out somewhere.

Sam: That’s a great idea! But, where do you think we should go?

Katy: Let’s go for a long drive.

Sam: What if it starts to rain?

Kety: The sky looks clean. I don’t think it will rain today.

Weather Forecast

Sam: It hasn’t rained today. I have to go out. Do you think I should take my umbrella?

Dreck: I think you should. The weatherman said it might rain today on the tv.

Sam: In that case I am sure I won’t need my umbrella.

Dreck: Why not?

Sam: The weatherman said it wouldn’t rain yesterday and it rained. Today he is saying it will rain, so it most certainly won’t.

Dreck : Your have amazing logic Sam, but take the umbrella anyway.

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