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In this lesson, we will see what to say in order to motivate an employee.

Discussing Past Performance.

Keith: Hello, Ms. Taylor. Good afternoon.

Liana: Good afternoon, Keith. Please be seated.

Keith: You wanted to talk about the project?

Liana: Yes! Your work on the project was pretty good. I think you performed very well!

Keith: Thank you!

Liana : I do have a few suggestions for you.

Keith : Did I make any mistakes?

Liana : No, there are no mistakes, but some of the presentations need to be more detailed.

Keith : Oh. I’ll take care of that.

Liana: Keep up the good work, Keith.

Keith: I’ll keep doing my best!

Praising an Employee.

Peter: Good morning, Ms. Taylor.

Liana: Good morning, Peter. Great work on that report!

Peter: Oh, really? Thank you!

Liana: Yes, the clients were very impressed.

Peter: I’m glad to hear it.

Liana: I hope you can do the same with the new assignment too.

Peter: Of course. You can count I will!

Encouraging to Perform Better.

Gerald: Hello, Ron. Come and have a seat.

Ron: Thank you, Mr. Smith. You wanted to see me?

Gerald: I wanted to talk about your performance this week.

Ron: Yes, I know there were a lot of mistakes.

Gerald: Well, you’re right, but you’ve done such good work in the past. I think you were a bit off this week. Do take care for the next one, will you?

Ron: Sure, Mr. Smith. I can do better.

Gerald: I am sure you can do better!

Ron: Thank you!

Finding Flaws or Mistakes.

Terry: Mark, the pictures you sent me for the river project. They weren’t so well shot.

Mark: You think so? What needs to be different?

Terry: Mark! You’re the professional. Why are the angles so common and uninspiring? Do you remember the field shoot you did last month? It was so much better!

Mark: I get it. Actually the riverside was too crowded for a good shoot.

Terry: I don’t know about that, Mark. You could’ve selected a different time for the shoot. You gotta redo it.

Mark: Right! I get the point. I will bring in some fresh pictures by Monday.

Reporting Performance.

Gerald: Hello, Caroline. Please have a seat. You wanted to see me, right?

Caroline: Yes, Mr. Smith. I’ve made the pitch to the client, and now we’re waiting for the order.

Gerald: Waiting? I thought you’d bring the order along with you, Caroline.

Caroline: Well, not this time. These guys are not easy to negotiate with.

Gerald: I am surprised! You’ve always closed deals early. This one’s the odd one out.

Caroline: I know, Sir. Everyone has a bad day.

Gerald: I’m not worried. I am sure you will clinch it.

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