Talking on the Phone in English - Telephone Vocabulary and Phrases - Phone Calls in English

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In this lesson we will see how to talk on the phone.

How Are You?

Michelle: Hello.

Sherlock: Hello. Who is this?

Michelle: Hey, it’s me, Michelle.

Sherlock: Hey Michelle! How are you?

Michelle: I’m fine. How are you?

Sherlock: I’m good too.

A Wrong Number

Dean: Hello!

Ginny: Hello.

Dean: Can I speak to George?

Ginny: Ummmm, who is this?

Dean: It’s Dean. Are you his sister?

Ginny: No, Dean. I think you have dialed the wrong number.

Dean: Oh! I am sorry.

Ginny: No problem!

Call from a Credit Card Company.

Caller: Hello. Am I talking to Mr. Smith?

Mr. Smith: Yes you are.

Caller: I am calling from Orange County Bank.

Mr. Smith: Yes?

Caller: Well, we want to offer you our premium credit card.

Mr. Smith: No, thank you! I already have many credit cards.

Caller: Thank you for your time, Sir. Have a nice day!

Mr. Smith: Thanks, bye!

Asking for Information.

Fiona: Hey, Vanessa. What’s up?

Vanessa: Not much. I was just finishing my homework.

Fiona: Okay, me too but I can’t get the last question. Do you know the answer?

Vanessa: Well, just look for it on page 5 of the book. You’ll find the answer.

Fiona: Oh, okay. Thanks a lot!

Vanessa: No problem.

Fixing up a Date on the Phone.

Nancy: Hello!

Rocky: Hello. It’s Rocky speaking.

Nancy: Hi Rock! How are you?

Rocky: I’m good. What about you?

Nancy: I am great. So, what’s new?

Rocky: Well, do you want to go to the movies this Saturday?

Nancy: A movie? Which one?

Rocky: Any movie. Just wanted to spend some time with you this Saturday.

Nancy: Wow! That’s so sweet! I will see you on Sat at 5 PM at the plaza.

Rocky: Great! See you there.

How Was Your Day?

Shirley: Hello. Is that Nancy?

Nancy : Yes. I am Nancy. Who’s speaking?

Shirley : Nancy! Shirley here.

Nancy. How is everything going?

Shirley: It’s going good! How was your day?

Nancy : Great! I went out with my friend today.

Shirley : You did? Good! I hope you’ve had a nice time.

Nancy : I sure did!

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