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In this lesson, we will study the difference between ‘to’, with one ‘o’, and ‘too’, with double ‘o’.


Clara: Hello, everyone. Today we’ll learn the difference between ‘to’ with one ‘o’, and ‘too’ with double ‘o’. ‘To’ with one ‘o’ is used when we speak of a destination.

Jason: That’s right, Clara. I came to class by bike, today. My class was my destination.

Clara: And we can also use ‘to’ when explaining a reason for doing something.

Jason: Yes. I go to school to learn. Learning is why I go to school.

Clara: Ok. There are other functions for ‘to’ with one ‘o’, but let’s focus on these uses for now. But, what about ‘too’ with double ‘o’?

Jason: Well, Clara, we use ‘too’ with double ‘o’ when we think something is excessive, more than necessary. It carries a negative idea.

Clara: So if someone says that a movie is too long, they probably think it’s boring, or at least that it could be shorter.

Jason: Yes, that’s it. But in other cases ‘too’ is used to mean ‘also’, or in a similar way. For example: ‘Jennifer Lopez is a good actress, and she is a good singer, too’.

Clara: In that case, does the word ‘too’ always come at the end of the sentence?

Jason: That’s correct. I love watching movies, but I like to read, too.

Clara: I think I get it. Let’s go to some dialogues and see other examples.

Jason: Great idea!

Too Cold for a Walk.

Robin: I was thinking about going for a morning walk, but it was too cold.

Rachel: It was snowing, too. It’s always cold this time of year.

Robin: I’ll go to Arizona for some days. I can’t stand this cold anymore.

Rachel: Really? Maybe I should go, too.

Robin: Let’s call uncle Sam first. He’ll be happy to know. And he’ll let us know if it’s too hot over there.

Can’t Go out Tonight.

Jason: Sorry, Clara. I was too busy to answer the phone.

Clara: I was busy, too. In fact, I called you to say that I’m too tired to go out tonight.

Jason: What? Why? We have plans. We’re going to the best restaurant in town. I know you’re working hard, but I am, too!

Clara: Jason, I’m sorry. Tomorrow I have to get up too early, and I won’t be able to relax if I go out tonight. I’ll be too worried.

Jason: Alright Clara, don’t worry. That’s Ok. If you want to stay home, I’ll stay, too. We really are doing too much.

Clara: Oh, Jason! Sometimes I think you’re too good to me. I love you, honey.

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