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In this lesson, we will learn some phrases that we can use to remind people of things.

What About the Books?

John: Hey honey, aren’t you forgetting something? Didn’t I ask you to return these books to the library?

Carrie: Oops! I am really sorry, dear. I forgot to take them with me.

John: Do me a favor, don’t forget them tomorrow. They are already overdue.

Carrie: Don’t worry. I’ll return them tomorrow.

The Card Needs to Be Sent.

Carrie: John! You haven’t sent that greeting card yet!

John: Oh, my! I totally forgot to send it.

Carrie: John, it’ll be awful if this card reaches them after the anniversary!

John: Oh, come on, Carrie! You forget things too. I’ll mail it tomorrow.

Carrie: You’d better not forget it again!

How Could You Forget It?

Carrie: Honey. I don’t think our relationship is working.

John: What? What are you saying? We’ve been married for 6 years!

Carrie: I know, and you forgot our anniversary. It’s today.

John: Today’s our anniversary? Oh my God! I can’t believe I forgot it. Will you forgive me please?

Carrie: I can’t believe you forgot our marriage anniversary.

John : I can’t believe it either. Please, forgive me sweetheart.

I Hope You Haven’t Forgotten...

Stacy: Did you do it?

Mark: Do what?

Stacy: I hope you haven’t forgotten to call the plumber!

Mark: No, no. I’m calling him right now.

Stacy: That means you forgot it, right?

Mark: Yeah, kind of. But thanks for reminding me!

Stacy: I knew you would forget, that’s why I called.

Reminding a Lot of People.

Mike: May I remind you guys that someone has to take the trashcan out?

Paul: Err..You’d already said that! Thanks for reminding us again!

Mike: One more reminder. Whoever uses the plates, please wash them after you eat.

Sean: We’ll make sure of that! Thanks again!

Mike: No problem.

Reminding Someone About a Party.

Peter: Hey, Jack. What’s up?

Jack: I was just watching a movie.

Peter: Okay, cool! I’d like to remind you about the party tomorrow, at my place at 7!

Jack: Oh, yeah! I remember.

Peter: And Jack, don’t forget, you’re the guy who’s got to bring the beer.

Jack: Alright. I know that if I forget the beer, everybody’s going to wish me dead.

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