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In this lesson, we will learn about how to use ‘must’ and ‘should’.


Lucy: Hey Jack! Tell me, do you know the difference between ‘must’ and ‘should’?

Jack : I think I do. You use these words when you suggest that somebody has to do something.

Lucy : That’s right. You must learn the difference between these two words.

Jack : You used must instead of should, you could also have said ‘You should learn the difference between these two words’. Right?

Lucy : That’s right! But learning the difference is very important, that’s why you must know it.

Jack : So when something is very important you use must?

Lucy : Correct! When you can’t avoid doing something, or doing it is very important, then you use ‘must’.

Jack : And you use ‘should’ when you want to recommend that something should be done, or when a person ought to do something, but it’s not a strict requirement.

Lucy : That’s correct! You know the difference now. You should give yourself a treat!

Jack : I should, so it’s not a requirement and I may or may not do it.

Lucy : It’s your choice. But we must hear some sample conversations.

Jack : We must, so we have to. Okay, let’s go!

Apartment Formalities.

Lucy: What documents must I bring to sign the lease for the apartment?

Manager: You must bring some identity proof for the records, and you should also bring the cash advance.

Lucy: Can I pay the advance through a check?

Manager: Yes, you can. You can bring a check instead of cash if you want.

Lucy: What time should I come?

Manager: I leave at 6 every day. So you must come before 6 PM.

Lucy: Thank you. See you soon!

Complaining About Late Bus Service.

Duke: Where’s the bus?

Ray: I think it’s running late.

Duke: It should have been here 30 minutes ago.

Ray: It should be coming soon.

Duke: It must, because I’m already late for work.

Solutions for the Environment.

Lucy: We must stop polluting Earth!

Duke: I agree. We are ruining this planet. We should do something about it.

Lucy: I think we should use cycles instead of cars to get to places.

Duke: You’re right, and we should not build any nuclear reactors.

Lucy: You’re right. Remember the Fukushima disaster in Japan? We must use renewable power like Germany.

Duke: I think we should write a letter to our senator demanding renewable energy!

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