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In this lesson, we are going to learn how to invite people.

Invitation to a pool party

Lillian: Jerry, do you have plans for the weekend?

Jerry: I don’t have anything scheduled yet.

Lillian: It’s Mary’s birthday this Saturday and we’ve decided to a throw a party for her.

Jerry: That’s fantastic! Where will the party be?

Lillian: It’s going to be a pool party at Jay’s apartment. You must come by 7.

Jerry: A pool party? That sounds interesting! What about the dress code?

Lillian: Well, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit along.

Jerry: We’ll have a great time then. See you at the party!

Invitation to dinner

Troy: Would you and your wife be free next Saturday night?

Jerry: I’ll have to check it with my wife. Do you have something planned?

Troy: Well Samantha and I would like to have you for dinner if you’re free.

Jerry: It would be a pleasure, but I think I should make sure that Vanessa is free.

Troy: Maybe you can call her and find out.

Jerry: Yes, I’ll call her and tell you. I think she’ll be free.

Troy: Great! In that case please come to our house by 7.30.

Jerry: Alright. I think we’ll make it. See you on Saturday!

Invitation to an office party

Lillian: Hey, Luna, what are you doing this weekend?

Troy: I don’t have any major plans.

Lillian: The boss is throwing a party for the success of our new website. It crossed 20,000 visitors a day.

Troy: Really? Your boss is cool. Where will it be?

Lillian: It’s lunch at the Radisson hotel. I think it’s going to be great.

Troy: And are you allowed to bring a friend?

Lillian: He said we could bring the spouse or a friend along. I thought about inviting you.

Troy: Wonderful! I think l’ll love that.

Waiting for an invitation

Lillian: Have you heard about Jessica’s party on Saturday?

Troy: Yeah, but I’m still waiting for my invitation.

Lillian: Really? She invited me this morning.

Troy: Maybe she will call me today.

Lillian: Will you go if she invites you?

Troy: I want to. I heard all the popular girls are going to be there..

Lillian: I know, it does sound like a pretty awesome party.

Troy : I hope Jessica does invite me.

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