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Applying for a Passport.


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In this lesson, we’ll talk about phrases you may use while talking about passport application.

How to Apply for a Passport.

Jim: Hey! What’s up, Neal?

Neal: Nothing much! Just trying to find out how to get a passport.

Jim: You just need the correct documents to apply for one.

Neal: Yeah? But I don’t know which documents are needed.

Jim: You’re gonna need your birth certificate, your id, a photograph and fill out an application form. It’s easy.

Neal : I have all of that. Can I fill this form online?

Jim : I don’t think so man. If you’re applying for the first time, you’ll need to go there and submit the form.

Neal : Alright! Thanks for the help!

Submitting the Application.

Neal : Hello there. I want to apply for a passport.

Tina : Sure. Are you applying for the first time?

Neal : Yep. Never needed to go abroad before.

Tina : Alright, you’ll need to fill form DS-11 and submit it.

Neal : I got it right here. I just wanna submit it.

Tina : Great! Just submit it to the counter over there.

Neal : Will I need to pay a fee?

Tina : Yes. You can pay through card.

Neal : Okay. Thanks for your help.

Tina : You’re welcome!

Enquiring About Your Passport.

Neal : Hey Jim! I applied for my passport.

Jim : Great! Did you have any trouble?

Neal : Nope! It was easy. I had the docs ready, and I paid the fee through my credit card.

Jim : Fantastic! So all you need to do now is wait, and you’ll get your passport soon!

Neal : Is there any way I can check the status of my passport?

Jim : Yeah, I think so. You just need to go to a website and fill in your details.

Neal : Do you know the website address?

Jim : Google it man!

Got the Passport.

Neal : Pack your bags hon!

Jane : Why? What?

Neal : We are taking that trip to Europe as I promised to.

Jane : (Surprised and happy) We are? That’s unbelievable!!

Neal : Yep! I just got my passport, and I booked the tickets for next week.

Jane : Finally! This is going to be a wonderful trip. Will we need a visa?

Neal : Nope. We’ll get visas on arrival.

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