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Did You Get My Email?

You must have sent 100s of emails and received them too. If you have just started out in English, you should learn the terms and the words that you can use when you send an email in English. In this lesson we will see conversations which are about communicating through e-mails.

Listen to this lesson carefully, learn the phrases and practice them at the end by speaking them aloud. You’ll learn English really fast this way.

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In this lesson, we will see how to check if someone is aware of a message sent by you.

An Important Assignment.

Minnie: Hey Barney. Are you done with the quotation?

Barney: What quotation?

Minnie: The one I emailed you last night. I asked you to work on it.

Barney: I’m sorry, Minnie. But, I didn't get any mail from you.

Minnie: Are you kidding me? It just can’t be. I’d have gotten a mail delivery error message.

Barney: And I would’ve done what you asked me to, if I had gotten it. I check my inbox every half an hour. There was no mail from you.

Minnie: Ok, let me check. Your email is barney20@hotmail.com. Right?

Barney: No Minnie, my email is barney30@hotmail.com.

Minnie: Oh, man! How could I make such a mistake?

Barney: It happens. Just send me the quotation now and I’ll work on it.

A Friend’s Concert.

Johnson: Hey. Why didn't you come to the concert?

Becky: We talked about it. You were supposed to send me the tickets, remember?

Johnson: I was busy getting ready for the concert but I did send the tickets to your email.

Becky: You mailed me the tickets?

Johnson: Well, I asked my manager to do it. Didn't you get them?

Becky: Oh, no. I didn't check my email last week.

Johnson: Man! How can you do this? You should always check it, at least once a day.

Becky: Yeah I know. I’m really sorry that I missed your concert.

Send it Through Email.

(Please hold a phone)

Johnson: Mr. Spooner, Johnson here. I need the account statement for our transactions with you.

Spooner : Okay, we can send you that. Should I mail a printout?

Johnson : That’ll be too long. Can you send me a PDF through email?

Spooner : No problems. I’ll send it along.

Johnson : Please make it today, I need to send your payment.

Spooner : Now you are talking! You’ll get it within 15 minutes.

Email me the Photos!

(Please hold a phone)

Becky : Hey Barney! You promised to mail me your vacation photos!

Barney : I put ‘em on Facebook. Go check my page.

Becky : I am on a sabbatical from Facebook! It’s ruining my life. Just mail them, will ya?

Barney : Really? Who uses email anymore?

Becky : Real people! Not Facebook addicted zombies.

Barney : Alright! Calm down, Beck. I’ll mail them to ya. But they’re gonna be a big load of files.

Becky : I wanna download them anyway, so that’s fine.

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