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Sales Meeting.

A sales meeting is designed to learn how to sell a product – that is, to build relationships, identify needs and outline the benefits of the product. Being able to understand conversations and terms may help you take part in the discussions at a sales meeting, understand what’s going on, and make you a more valuable employee and salesperson.

In this lesson we will teach you, through some conversations, what you might hear at a sales meeting or what words you might use while in a sales meeting.

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Welcome to twominenglish.com. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons.

In this lesson you’ll learn words and phrases you can use while in a sales meeting.


Hello there! How’s it going? Have you ever been to a sales meeting at work? I’m sure some of you have. Effective communication helps you make your point in a sales meeting. Even if you’re there just to observe it, there’s a lot you can learn by listening. This lesson will let you listen to some conversations about a sales meeting.

Let’s get started then!

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When Is the Meeting?

Alice: We're having a sales meeting tomorrow. Can you make it?

Kevin: At what time?

Alice: It should be at 10 o'clock. Is that OK?

Kevin: Yes, that'll be fine.

Alice: We're going to go over some suggestions to improve communication with customers.

Kevin: Good. I have some suggestions I’d like to make.

Alice: Frank is also going to make some suggestions on improving sales in China.

Kevin: That'll be interesting. He's got keen insights.

Alice: Yes, he's going to outline some new sales strategies.

Kevin: Is Alan attending?

Alice: No, he's flying to San Francisco and won't be able to make it.

Opening the Meeting.

Chairman: I'd like to open today's meeting. Does everyone have a copy of the agenda? Kevin, you first.

Kevin: Thank you, Sir. I'll quickly go over the main points of our last meeting. I suggest each one of us give a little background on the research we’ve done on the suggestions discussed last week.

Chairman: You'll find most of the information outlined in the summary documents in front of you.

Kevin: These figures are interesting. It's clear to me that customer communications are not as effective as they could be.

Chairman: True, our marketing efforts really haven't been effective to date.

Kevin: I suggest we break up into groups and discuss how we can improve our message.

Chairman: That’s a good idea. Let’s do that and meet back together again in 20 minutes so that we can continue and complete today’s agenda.

Selling a Product.

John: So, Lesley. Show us how you would describe your product.

Lesley: My product is called ‘Mr. & Mrs. photo frame’. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it's a day you'll remember forever!

Lesley: Make sure you frame your wedding photographs in nothing but the best. Look no

further than our gorgeous "Mr. & Mrs." photo frame!

John: Hmmm. Nice!

Lesley: Its design is modern. This is a frame that will stand out! It is made only from the highest quality materials, and it is beautifully decorated.

John: Okay, not bad.

Lesley: Bring a touch of personality to your home or office, or send a gift your friend's way! Order now!

John: I like your product a lot. And I like the way you promoted it.

Lesley: Thank you, Sir.

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