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In this lesson we will learn the phrases you can use when you want to reschedule an appointment.

Getting a call to reschedule an interview

HR: Hi, may I speak to Mr. Peter Aston?

Peter: Yes, it’s Peter here.

HR: I am calling from Domain Corp. You have an interview scheduled with us for this Thursday.

Peter: Yes I know. I will be there.

HR: I am sorry but we need to shift it to Friday as the person who is supposed to take your interview will be out of town.

Peter: Oh! That’s ok. What time do I have to be there then?

HR: 11:30. I really apologize for this.

Peter: That’s completely okay. I understand.

Rescheduling a salon appointment

Peter: Hello, how are you doing?

Assistant: Doing great. How can I help you?

Peter: Actually I have an appointment for a haircut at 4 pm today and I need to cancel it.

Assistant: Which day would it be best for you then?

Peter: Friday or Saturday would be great for me.

Assistant: There’s a slot Saturday morning. Would 11 a.m. be okay for you?

Peter: It suits me just fine.

Assistant: Well, in that case I’ll just write you in.

Changing the day

Peter: Hi! I have an appointment for high-speed Internet installation. My last name is Smith.

Assistant: Yes, Mr. Smith, your appointment is for 3.00 pm on Friday.

Peter: Yes, but unfortunately there is a conflict in my schedule. Can I reschedule it for Monday afternoon?

Assistant: The only time we can come on Monday is at 3.00 pm

Peter: Is it possible for someone to come a bit earlier?

Assistant: I’m sorry but we are booked up on Monday.

Peter: Can you send someone on Tuesday at 2 p.m. then?

Assistant: Yes, Sir. So your appointment is now rescheduled for next Tuesday at 2.

Rescheduling a presentation

Peter: Steve? It’s Peter here. How are you doing?

Steve: I am good. So are you ready for the presentation?

Peter: Well, I’m calling you up to let you know that I won’t be able to make it because some of my relatives are coming home.

Steve: But we have to submit the presentation by tomorrow at any cost or else the boss will give us a hard time!

Peter: Don’t worry about that. I’ll have a word with him. I am sure he’ll understand.

Steve: How can you be certain of that?! Well, just make sure I don’t get burnt because of you.

Peter: Yes, of course Steve.

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