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In this lesson we will learn the phrases and words that you can use when you talk to a service representative about your Internet connection.

Reporting an internet problem

Ami: I need somebody to come over and fix my Internet.

Assistant: What’s the problem with your Internet?

Ami: I’ve been experiencing connecting problems.

Assistant: How long has your net been like this?

Ami: It’s been a couple of days now.

Assistant: Can you connect to the wi-fi signal?

Ami: I can connect alright, but I can’t surf.

Assistant: Hmm... I will send someone right along to take a look.

Choosing an Internet connection

Ami: I’d like to have the Internet on my computer.

Assistant: What kind of connection do you want?

Ami: I don’t know. What are the options?

Assistant: You can get either get dial-up or DSL.

Ami: Which one do you recommend?

Assistant: DSL is the best. It won’t tie up your phone line.

Ami: Great! That means I can use my phone and internet at the same time.

Assistant: That’s correct! You can.

Ami : Alright. I will go for DSL.

Installing high speed internet

Ami: I need to get a high speed Internet connection.

Assistant: Do you want me to send someone to your office to tell you about the options?

Ami: Yeah! That sounds like a good idea. Please send someone.

Assistant: When do you want her to visit?

Ami: Can she come on Friday?.

Assistant: The only time we can come is on Friday is at 3.30 pm.

Ami: That’s perfect. See you on Friday.

Ordering internet services

Ami: I would like to order cable Internet.

Assistant: Okay. Which plan would you like to order?

Ami: I am not sure. What are the plans available?

Assistant: We have Internet plans starting from $10 a month to $150 a month.

Ami: I want a high-speed 24 -hour connection.

Assistant: You could get the $50 monthly plan. It’ll give you unlimited download at a speed of 4 MBPS.

Ami: That sounds good. I think I will order that.

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