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First Day at Work.

We all have first day experiences in our offices and we all know how hugely the small gestures mattered to make that special day good or bad. You might feel a little nervous and edgy when it’s the first day. You don’t know what to expect, and you don’t know how the people will treat you in the office. Won’t it help if you are able to express yourself confidently?

In this lesson we will learn what words or phrases to use or how to converse on the first day at work.

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Welcome to twominenglish.com. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons.

In this lesson we will learn what words or phrases to use, or how to converse on the first day at work.


(Use your body language to make this a lively interactive conversation)

Hi there! Glad to see you, dear viewer. The first day at work is an exciting experience that gives new paths to our careers. We meet a lot of new people and effective communication is a good way to make a positive first impression. This lesson will show you conversations that revolve around first day of work scenarios. We’re sure you will be able to relate to them. (Smile)

Do listen to them all, and make sure you check out the vocabulary section at the end. Feel free to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want!

Let’s get started now!!

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Meeting the HR.

Natalie: Good morning, Mr. Parker.

Henry: Good morning, Ms. Green. How are you today?

Natalie: I am doing great. What about you?

Henry: I’m fine, thank you. Welcome to your first day in our company. Joanna will introduce you to the team.

Natalie: Thank you very much Mr. Parker.

Henry : Glad to have you on our team Ms. Green.

Meeting a colleague.

Jude : Good morning, are you our new manager? My name is Jude Black.

James : Hello Jude. No, I am the new payroll clerk. My name is James Smith.

Jude : It’s nice to meet you James.

James : Thank you Jude. It’s a pleasure to meet you too.

Jude : Do you want me to show you around the place?

James : Could you? That’d be very nice.

Jude : Absolutely. I’ll be glad to show you around.

Meeting another colleague.

James : Could you show me the accounting department?

Henry : Sure. Are you new here?

James : Yeah. I’ve just joined as the payroll clerk. I need to meet the CFO.

Henry : Well it’s good that I ran into you here. I am the CFO.

James : Really? Nice to meet you Sir.

Henry : Drop the Sir. I am Henry. Henry Parker.

James : Nice to meet you Mr. Parker. I am James Smith.

Henry : Welcome to our company James.

Training Assignment

Kelly: Hi Chris. I am Kelly. I’ll be assisting you with your training assignment.

Chris: Good to meet you Kelly. So where should we start?

Kelly: Well, you’ve gotta learn about our practices. We have rules for everything in this company, you know.

Chris: Oh. That’s interesting.

Kelly: Don’t worry, I am just talking about the rules for handling customers. We like to make sure that our customers are happy in here.

Chris : I know what you mean Kelly. I’ve been in customer support myself in my last job.

Kelly : Great! Then you should have no problems.

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