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In this lesson we will learn the phrases you can use when you shop for books at a store.

Asking about books from an author

Clerk: Hello! How can I help you?

Elena: I was wondering whether you have any of Jane Austen’s books here.

Clerk: Yes, of course. Do you want to buy some?

Elena: Yeah. One of my friends is a big fan of hers, so I want to buy them as her birthday present.

Clerk: I think you should buy the complete works set. It will not cost you much.

Elena: That’s perfect. I’ll take it.

Buying books and checking out

Elena: Hey! I need to purchase these books, could you make the bill, please?

Clerk: Sure ma’am. Can I see the books, please?

Elena: Sure. Here they are.

Clerk: That makes 40 dollars. Would you like to pay by cash or by card?

Elena: I will pay through debit card.

Clerk: No problem. Can I have your debit card so that I can swipe it?

Elena: Of course.

Clerk: Here’s your card payment receipt. Thank you for shopping here.

Asking about a book in store

Elena: I am looking for ‘A Wanted Man’ by Lee Child. Do you have it?

Clerk: Sorry, but we ran out of that book. I sold the last book half an hour ago.

Elena: Oh! That’s sad to hear. I really wanted that book.

Clerk: You can make a preorder for the book. The shipment is about to reach here in a day or so.

Elena: That’s great. I would like to make the order.

Clerk: Alright. Write down your name and address here and we will deliver it at your place. The amount is 20 dollars.

Elena: That would be perfect, here you go. Thank you so much.

Getting help to buy a book

Elena: Excuse me, I want to buy David Walsh's new book but I can't remember its title.

Clerk: That would be his 3rd novel: Seven Deadly Sins. Here you go.

Elena: Oh, that's it. I read some good reviews about it!

Clerk: Yes,ma'am.This book is among the best new seller of the month.

>Elena: Oh, wow! So it must be really good. Do you have his other books as well?

Clerk: I'm sorry but not at the moment, we don't. They sold out.

Elena: Oh, I see... I'm gonna take this one then. How much does it cost?

Clerk: It's $18.00. Should I have it wrapped as a gift?

Elena: That won't be necessary, thank you.

Clerk: You're welcome.

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